Monday, July 16, 2007

Winnie the Pooh and PWS

I enjoy looking at the search strings that bring people to this blog. Mostly though I find that people who land here do so due to the word "bimbo". For the first time someone landed on BookishBimbo while trying to figure out something about Prader Willi Syndrome. I guess it was a kid though because he/she entered the cutest search string of all time...


I have never thought about it before but here is my answer. I do hope whoever is looking for the answer visits again so he/she will know my thoughts on this one.

Let's see. Here is picture of Pooh.

Here are some of the common things people with PWS have.

1. Hyperphagia - doesn't get full
2. Slow metabolism
3. Low energy levels
4. Short stature
5. Stubby hands and feet
6. Tendency to get obese

Comparing the two I would definitely say that Pooh DOES have Prader Willi Syndrome. After all look at Pooh eating that honey in the picture above. Look at him laze around.

He is kind of short (though Piglet is much smaller) and would benefit from growth hormone shots except that I'm not sure if there's any Bear Growth Hormone available in the market. Look at his cute little stub called feet and hands. Pooh isn't obese but they might be managing his weight gain pretty well though he can use some slimming down. And last but not the least Pooh is extremely lovable just like kids with PWS are. Look at him with his friends.

Hmmm. Maybe Pooh should be invited to PWS fundraisers! Now, I'm pretty sure I'll love Pooh even more because of this.


mark said...

Dang. this is so cute. :)

Nikki! said...

onga! kung bata nga yung nag-search, aliw talaga mga bata! ^_^

angel said...

I agree. So cute!