Thursday, November 17, 2005


16. Shopping for groceries.
17. Learning to cook a new dish and it tasting good too.
18. Surfing the net while everyone’s asleep.
19. Watching makeover shows like Ambush Makeover, Extreme Homemakeover and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy/Girl.
20. Personal emails in my inbox.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

PGH Pics

Sam with his toys. He can now sound the letter L (no really he can..hindi tyamba) thanks to his Granny's coaching and Lion (Tita Ava's gift).

At home sa PGH. Who the heck took this pic?
See si Lion talaga favorite nya. Yun nga lang tingin ng iba imitation Pink Panther cya or tiger na may bonnet.

Tito Jae helping Baby Sam "drink" his milk. Yum?

Auntie Pearl got over her hospital hangup in order to visit Sam almost everyday.
That's Sam's Mama Lola in the background.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Scattered blog...straight from a scatterbrain

Sam is a high maintenance baby. He should not be left alone even fo r a few minutes because he might pull out his nasal feeding tube. He really does love to pull on it! Its weird but i find it cute. He also loves to talk, talk and talk when he’s awake. I feel so guilty because I do neglect him since he is sooo well behaved. I run around doing the laundry or fixing the room or even just simply texting or watching the TV! My bad! I’m so sorry Sam. My batteries are low and am starting to spiral down down down. I love Sam so much and I like to give him hugs and kisses but I think I’m not a fun mom at all.

I know I’ve got to get more organized and get my energy level up so I can cope. Oh hopeless me… however will I do that?


My baby is a victim of SMA. The doctor said he has 18 months to live. Been looking all over the net for support and information and have found some. but there is none in my country or even in Asia that I’ve seen. My baby’s neurologist is encouraging me to start a support group or association to help other families who are dealing with or will be dealing with SMA. I do plan to start one but I really don’t know how. No experience. But I am determined. This disability will not rob me of my son. My baby might someday fly away to his new home but he will leave a legacy in here and he will always be with me—deep down in the fibers of my soul.