Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sam's bath

At my sis' house. We didn't bring Sam's bath chair so i had to make do with my sister's red timba. Figured i could play with Sam as well. Sam enjoyed it too though it isn't obvious in the pictures. One of the perks of having a baby is having something (ay someone pala) to play with. ^_^


Playing with Sam.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bye Tube

Sam has been without a tube for almost 2 weeks now. We went home to Laguna for the graduation celebrations of so many friends. We didn't go to the graduation itself but attended 3 celebrations in all. Anyway the Saturday morning we left for LB Mark and I decided to pull out Sam's tube so that people won't stare at him out of curiosity or pity. We wanted him to look cute. It was pretty strange but it was so cool, and still is, to see people react to Sam just because he's plain cute. I've been so used to the tube that as crazy as it sounds I actually missed it a few times especially when I saw Sam's old picture on my sister's desktop. I think the tube was cute too, in its own way. I'm feeling sentimental about it. It was almost a friend. It was comforting because i knew it prevented Sam from getting pneumonia again and again. Besides it was way easier to feed Sam with the tube. I'm not saying that I want the tube back, just that I miss it and am greatful for how much it made Sam's life better. Now its time to move on to a stronger and hungrier baby. I'm so proud of my baby. He has so much fight in him and has been behaved and jolly through all this (except during therapy!). Still so much to blog about but I have to work. Will write more Sam updates tomorrow and about our visit to LB.

Presenting Sam's new look......