Monday, April 28, 2008

Darn Baby Toys

I am feeling a bit frustrated with the kind of toys available on the market not because they suck but because they don't fit Sam. Sam's therapist asked us to buy a doorway jumper or a jumperoo for him but I encountered several problems:
  1. They are not available in the Philippines.
  2. Sam is over the maximum height for all the models I've seen. He's 93cm and the max is around 85cm.
  3. Sam is almost over the maximum weight 25 lbs. He's 24 point something pounds.
  4. Shipping rates are expensive.
Now if there was something available here it wouldn't be too bad because we can try it out to see if he can still use it though he's a bit too big for them already. But I don't want to buy something he won't end up using! Argh.

Days like this Sam's special needs hit me. I hate it that I can't figure out which category I should look at when shopping for "prescribed" toys since his body size is appropriate for his age but his skill fall under the infant section. Ah... Life with Prader Willi least I can't say that it's boring.

Anyone here knows someone in the Philippines who supplies these toys? Please contact me!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pursuit of Happyness...Getting There

Me is the getting happy. ^_^

I saw the ending of Pursuit of Happyness in HBO again the other night. Reflecting on our life the past several years I realise that these days I've been getting a bit closer and closer to this thing we all pursue - happiness. I recall the times when my family was really down. The time I had to sell yema and peanuts to my classmates in college just so I can have jeepney fare to get home. I recall the times when I hid from my friends because I didn't want to go out knowing that I can't eat out with them (ililibre ako for sure and ayaw ko nahihiya na ako). I remember the times when Mark and I had to go to PCSO to ask for money because we couldn't get out of the hospital. I recall the times when we went to Robinsons and we couldn't buy even one single candy because all we had was money for Sam's milk formula and diapers. I remember the times I felt there was no hope and everything was bleak. I remember feeling alone thinking I our marriage wouldn't last. I remember all the times I hurt myself because the hurt inside was just too much. I remember it all now but with more peace than I have had in a long time.

Yes. Things are getting better but more important than that I am getting better. If you feel hopeless all the time and can't seem to get past the bleakness of life maybe you need help like I did, like I still do. Getting help for depression doesn't mean being weak. It doesn't mean you're crazy. It just means that finally you're stepping up to the plate to battle the thing inside you that is keeping you from being your best. It means finding ways to make it a little easier to battle the outside circumstances you can't control. It means not letting a stupid hormonal imbalance dictate your life and telling yourself that you and those around you will not be a victim of this terrible thing anymore.

Yes. I had/have depression. Yes. I went to a doctor. Yes. I am taking meds. I am not ashamed of it anymore because it no longer has a stranglehold on me.

If this speaks to you I hope you get help too. The pursuit of happiness need not be impossible. I never realised before that I can ever feel this way again...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Know Thy Self

Saw my sister's personality result from her I took it too. So far I'm happy with the results. I feel myself coming back. There was a time I felt so lost when several aspects of my personality had flipped. Now, as the test reflects, I'm starting to be myself least the self that I liked.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Oh...and if you compare my personality to my sister's we are the exact opposite of each other. LOL. ^_^ It does explain though why I rely on her so much whenever I fall apart. Not that I cling to her but that deep within me I know she's there to pick up the pieces when I can't hold it together. Poor , poor, sister. She's a protector pala! Lucky you if she loves you but if not then...wala lang.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Jada and Sam Pics

Ate Abi, Aijo and Jada went back to Australia last Saturday evening. Earlier that morning we were able to coax Jada and Sam into posing for some pictures. To see all the pics go to Mark's Picasa web album.

Jada and Sam
Jada and Sam

Monday, April 07, 2008

We are the ones we've been waiting for...


I can't help it. Call it joining the bandwagon but still he gives me hope and as he says " there has never been anything false about hope."

I am not American but I am campaigning for Barack Obama.

Btw Sam can now say "O-ba" and "Ba-ma" but not the whole thing. Since he still can't say anything other than syllables right now this is a huge thing. We're crossing our fingers that OBAMA will be his first word. If that happens you can be sure he'll be another Obama baby on YouTube.