Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sam and Scrambled Eggs

I just got advise from fellow parents from FPWR to start Sam with scrambled eggs, yougurt, mashed vegetables, etc. Since the only thing available at home were eggs, I cooked some for Sam (with no oil and just a little salt). I was so excited. My problem was that I was a bit nervous since he still has really know idea how to chew. Anyway after the egg cooled down I put in a little water and mashed the eggs further to make them more manageable and then proceeded to feed Sam. At first he just sat there with his tongue out with the egg sticking to it not knowing what to do. So I got some egg myself and proceeded to chew trying to show Sam what to do. I was so happy when he finally closed his mouth and proceeded to do some mashing motions. It was good enough for me. It almost looked like chewing. Even better, after a few seconds (maybe minutes) I looked in his mouth and the egg was gone. I immediately reported our triumph to Mark. We were so proud. I then went back to Sam and gave him his next itty bitty piece of egg and continued to do so everytime it seemed he'd finished each piece off. What a fast learner my baby boy is. After some time though he stopped responding and didn't really want to open his mouth so I picked up the bowl and put it near his face in hopes that it'll make him want to eat more. To my surprise he suddenly grasped the bowl's edge and raised it to his mouth (with me supporting the bowl of course). I got really excited becaue it meant that he really wanted to eat...

Until his cute little tongue stuck out from his mouth and I saw the large globs of mashed eggs in it before he "spat" the eggs out onto the bowl. Oh dear... Being persistent I tried to get him to eat again and gave him an even smaller piece of egg. So Sam, being persistent too, stuck out his hand took the bowl and spit the egg out again.

Result: No egg eaten and a very happy Mama. Not only is my baby starting to make chewing motions (even though ineffective still), he's also well-mannered enough to know that you don't spit on the bed and that it's better to spit food out into his own bowl!!! Sosyal! I'm so proud of Sam. ^_^

Some mothers get something more

Some Mothers Get Babies With Something More
By: Lori Borgman
Columnist and Speaker

My friend is expecting her first child. People keep asking what she wants. She smiles demurely, shakes her head and gives the answer mothers have given throughout the pages of time. She says it doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl. She just wants it to have ten fingers and ten toes.

Of course, that's what she says. That's what mothers have always said.

Mothers lie.

Truth be told, every mother wants a whole lot more. Every mother wants a perfectly healthy baby with a round head, rosebud lips, button nose, beautiful eyes, satin skin and straight feet. Every mother wants a baby so gorgeous that people will pity the Gerber baby for being flat-out ugly.

Every mother wants a baby that will roll over, sit up and take those first steps right on schedule (according to the baby development chart on page 57, column two). Every mother wants a baby that can see, hear, run, jump and fire neurons by the billions. She wants a kid that can smack the ball out of the park and do toe points that are the envy of the entire ballet class.

Call it greed if you want, but we mothers want what we want.

Some mothers get babies with something more.

Some mothers get babies with conditions they can't pronounce, a spine that didn't fuse, a missing chromosome, a palette that didn't close or a tiny crooked foot or two. Most of those mothers can remember the time, the place, the shoes they were wearing and the color of the walls in the small, suffocating room where the doctor uttered the words that took their breath away. It felt like recess in the fourth grade when you didn't see the kick ball coming and it knocked the wind clean out of you.

Some mothers leave the hospital with a healthy bundle, then, months, even years later, take him in for a routine visit, or schedule her for a well check, and crash head first into a brick wall as they bear the brunt of devastating news. It can't be possible! That doesn't run in our family. Can this really be happening in our lifetime?

I am a woman who watches the Olympics for the sheer thrill of seeing finely sculpted bodies. It's not a lust thing; it's a wondrous thing. The athletes appear as specimens without flaw - rippling muscles with nary an ounce of flab or fat, virtual powerhouses of strength with lungs and limbs working in perfect harmony. Then the athlete walks over to a tote bag, rustles through the contents and pulls out an inhaler.

As I've told my own kids, be it on the way to physical therapy after a third knee surgery, or on a trip home from an echo cardiogram, there's no such thing as a perfect body. Every body will bear something at some time or another. Maybe the affliction will be apparent to curious eyes, or maybe it will be unseen, quietly treated with trips to the doctor, medication
or surgery. The health problems our children have experienced have been minimal and manageable, so I watch with keen interest and great admiration the mothers of children with serious disabilities, and wonder how they do it.

Frankly, sometimes you mothers scare me. How you lift that child in and out of a wheelchair 20 times a day. How you monitor tests, track medications, regulate diet and serve as the gatekeeper to a hundred specialists yammering in your ear.
I wonder how you endure the clich├ęs and the platitudes, well-intentioned souls explaining how God is at work when you've
occasionally questioned if God is on strike. I even wonder how you endure schmaltzy pieces like this one -- saluting you, painting you as hero and saint, when you know you're ordinary. You snap, you bark, you bite. You didn't volunteer for this,
you didn't jump up and down in the motherhood line yelling, "Choose me, God. Choose me! I've got what it takes." You're a woman who doesn't have time to step back and put things in perspective, so, please, let me do it for you.

From where I sit, you're way ahead of the pack. You've developed the strength of a draft horse while holding onto the delicacy of a daffodil. You have a heart that melts like chocolate in a glove box in July, carefully counter-balanced against the stubbornness of an Ozark mule. You can be warm and tender one minute, and when circumstances require, intense
and aggressive the next. You are the mother, advocate and protector of a child. You're a neighbor, a friend, a stranger I
pass at the mall. You're the woman I sit next to at church, my cousin and my sister-in-law.

You're a woman who wanted ten fingers and ten toes, and got something more.

You're a wonder.

**from Sarah's Blog a mom of 3 pretty daughters youingest being Josie (PWS)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ink Blot Test / FSMA plug

I'm having fun with these tests. Here's the state of my unconcious mind right now.

Your Unconscious Mind Is Most Driven by Peace.


You have a deeply-rooted desire to make peace in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with loved ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to be able to influence the world in a positive way. You have a deep respect for humankind.

You care about the future of the world, even beyond your own involvement in it, and you inspire others to feel the same way. Your innate drive toward peace guides you in daily life towards decisions that are respectful toward yourself and others. Your psyche is very rich; the more you learn about it, the more you will understand who you really are...

link to Ink Blot Test

**** It's nice to know that my head's still screwed on tight. The drive for peace must have something to do with my current all new involvement with the Foundation for Prader Willi Research . I'm a new member and am excited and all worked up thinking of ways I can contribute to research for PWS and also towards educating Filipinos about children with special needs. BTW I've been meaning to post about this for sometime now...

Please try using GoodSearch as your search engine even for just a day. Google fans as we are, Mark and I use GoodSearch instead of Google to help support the Families of SMA. Although Sam was just misdiagnosed will still do feel very much for the families and victims of SMA. You to can support FSMA by using GoodSearch. When you get to GoodSearch's homepage type FSMA on the charity you are supporting and then click on verify. From then on each time you use GoodSearch $0.01 goes to FSMA. I still use Google though for getting definitions, converting stuff, and at times when I just can't seem to get the results I want. Hehe. As a whole though GoodSearch gives pretty much decent results. It should, after all its powered by Yahoo. :p

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Tired of cramming and writing endless words making my work presentable. My fault shouldn't cram but I'd rather have some moral support and appreciation for my hard work. Writing IS hard wark too even if it may not seem that way to some. Anway nedd a break after taking an unwanted break that ate up my awake time. But I have no right to complain I'm the one cramming after all. So this is what I'm doing to get away from writing...writing mindlessly and posting my quiz results for Money Profile.

No matter how much money you have, you don't use money to enhance your image with others. You evaluate yourself and others by their intangible qualities, not by their possessions. If you do pursue money, it is for reasons other than the need for social power and prestige.

Ah. Got to go back to work. Wash face. Drink water. Pray for a clear mind. Get going. Be done before the sunrises hopefully. Unless I fall asleep just a couple thousand words left...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Everyone knows how its nothing's ever the same as your first time. Whatever kind of first time that is. Got two interesting new "first times".

1. Bit in the nose - Was playing with Sam last night. He has no history of biting people so as usual I decided to smell his breath waiting for him to maybe lick my nose. He likes to lick people but didn't seem to know anything about biting...that was until I felt something latch on my nose! Ahhh. Pure agony! Since I couldn't push away some because I didn't want to scare him and because it felt like he was going to rip my nose off if I did I think I ended up moaning and saying stuff I don't remember. The only thing I remember saying was "In Jesus name" as if trying to ward off some eveil thing. When he stopped after what seemed like eternity Mark, Dad, and Silas laughed at me and wondered at the deep "Chicklet" marks on my nose. As for me I think I just cried a bit but after the pain subsided I felt so proud. Lumalakas na si Sam!!! Ang sakit mangagat!

2. Caught by Microsoft - The image speaks for itself. Bad trip. Ka-praning. Its my fault for using pirated stuff but they shouldn't use their updates to track people down!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bring back the books

I'm not they type of person who enjoys the internet as much as Mark does. Probably its becaue I still haven't really found my niche here. But finally I read something on the internet that's really really worth reading - The Book to Movie Rant by Robin Hobbs. Its sad but I'm one of those who doesn't really know the real Wizard of Oz. I know it from the old cute movie but I never new that the ruby slippers were actually supposed to be silver and that she never really said, "There's no place like home." I always tell Mark how movies just cannot capture the essence of books. While this is true I also think the thing I wish moviegoers (who aren't into books) to experience is how to make stories come to life with your own imagination aided only by the words before you. It might not seem appealing to many but there's nothing like seeing Ender fight the last battle or seeing the vast emptiness of Lonesome Dove in your mind's eye. I don't want to atempt to be deep or anything like that, cause I'm not, as my blog is called I'm more of a bimbo in love with books. I'd better get back to the habit of reading good books again to make sure I read them before they get made into movies that I'll watch and most probably love. I want to read the story and let the words wash over me and transport me to unknown places I so love to visit.

Wasn't tagged by anybody

...but i still want to do this anyway. Got this from Jam's blog.

I'd like to think I would have unraveled that fence with my teeth if I'd had to, but the reality is that I was completely helpless. I prayed, Lord, walk every step with him. Keep him warm and bring him back to me safely.


So the book nearest me was a momma book. Surprise surprise! It's actually a book Angel gave me when I was still pregnant with Sam.

I wonder how many times I would have to feel as helpless as that woman as a mom. It seems that kids are good at that, making you feel helpless and teaching us to trust in God to make it all right.



1. grab the nearest book.
2. open the book to page 123.
3. find the fifth sentence.
4. post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. don’t you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! i know you were thinking about it! just pick up whatever is closest.
6. tag three people.

Won't bother to tag anyone since I wasn't tagged anyway. ^_^

Friday, August 11, 2006

Got Net

Got net at home. Smart Bro. Will surely help out with my work. Its a wonder though that something thats been exciting you for days can suddenly be unexciting. Its so easy to burst my bubble, especially if you're you.

Anyway posting because I saw something from Chikka. Was downloading chikka when I saw their announcement about the Chikka-Google Talk Interconnection. Thats it. Be posting again when I'm in a better mood. Sigh. The internet doesn't make me happy. Mark makes me happy when we don't make each other sad.

This is a weird post.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Wahehe...BS Applied Physics

No wonder I almost died tring to finish my course.... Ability is waaaay useless when applied to things that don't beckon your heart. At least I'm a freelance writer now. A bit closer to what's really me.

You scored as Sociology. You should be a Sociology major!





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with

Birthday Pictures

Last night before we had pizza. Shadow due to Jerry's arm.

Kunyari shy. Sunday night.

SAM'S BIRTHDAY (way overdue pics)
Birthday cake.

Birthday cake and sunny-side up.

Birthday boy.

Titos and Ninang Armi.
Sayang walang pics nila Angel, Ninong Nikki at Ninang Kei dito sa PC ni Nana.

Pabitin. I think Jerry enjoyed the games as much as the kids did. First time kasi.

Time to rest and suck on my favorite treat...

Happy Birthday...

to me!

Jam's greeting remineded me to post something at least for my birthday. Thanks Jam.

Anyway We're staying here at my sister's and Jerry, my brother-in-law, ordered some pizza last night for my birthday. First time ko mag Yellow Cab. Hehe. It was good. Sam gets really affected by the sight of people eating food nowadays so I prepared some Cerelac for him and he ate with us. He's starting on solids now. For lunch today Jerry cooked some homemade burgers and boy were they good! Better than any burger I've tasted before. ANtaba ng patties! Its not gourmet but its the real deal. He was happy about it and we all were too. Mark was almost late going back after lunch though because he just had to play with Sam and go to the CR. Hehe. Yes my birthdays turning out well. Good food. Improving baby. Husband's first day on his first real job. A good afternoon nap. And a new blog post. Wonder what else this day holds for me. Hope this day is a happy day for everyone else too.