Monday, May 18, 2009


WolframAlpha brings out the geek in me! Woot!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I checked my Multiply account today and realiszed that my posts on Blogger hasn't been cross-posting since October last year. I've been wondering why Sam's devoted Ninang Pearl hasn't been commenting on his pics and realized that she hasn't been seeing. Cross-posting on Multiply is important for me to keep my Multiply-user friends updated. Anyway I figure out the problem. I changed my Google password and didn't change the password setting that allows Multiply access to my Blogger account. If you also use cross-posting hope this helps you avoid problems in case you ever do change your Blogger password.

Yun lang! ^_^

Btw I used Multiply for this post. Want to see if it'll reflect on my Blogger blog.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Manila Zoo

May 1 was family day for us. We went to Manila Zoo and had a really good time. We were surprised at all the improvements, especially since I haven't been there since I was in grade school. Manila Zoo needs even more improvements since the state of the elephant, monkeys, and some horses are abysmal but at least it is improving. There is hope yet. ^_^

I'm thinking we should go out on such family trips more often. Great for quality time. Great for Sam. Great for our local economy. ^_^


Llama and kittens. The funny cats were all over the place.

A happy Papa Mark and Sam.
Horseback riding. Php 60 only for one round. Sulit!

Inside the Kinder (petting) Zoo. Additional Php 40 entrance fee. Mas sulit!

The ugly ostrich. A chance for me to face my fears. It didn't work.
The other ostrich chased me! Buti di pinalabas ng cage yun!

Cute boa.


Parrots. The ones out front pecked Sam's fingers. He loved it!

Time to go home.

More about Manila Zoo:
Address - Manila Zoo Compound M Adriatico St. Malate, Manila, Philippines
Hours - 8am to 5pm daily
Rates - Adults Php 40; Kids Php 20
Website: (Their website looks a lot better than the actual zoo but am glad they have a good site)