Monday, July 09, 2007

Cyber Romance

This is a good day. Opened my inbox and found a link to this.

Made me remember when I got mad at Mark when we were still in college. He sent me on a mini-treasure hunt when I arrived at school. Our Apphy classmates (I remember Alvin Tapia in particular) excitedly "helping me" find the clue and decode it by hand since I didn't get the fact that I was just supposed to click on the butterfly in the powerpoint presentation to be able to decode it. In the end the treasure hunt lead to this webpage (am so happy it still exists) and to dinner that night with Joe Cool (the McDonalds Happy Meal toy that I really liked).

I love it when my husband's geekiness is used for corny romantic stuff. It makes me fall in love again. Hihi. ^_^

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K.L.Y.N said...

Aww. Sweet! :) -Kei