Thursday, July 26, 2007

Champion a Cause by Voting at 25Charities

I know my blog is starting to sound like a charity blog and reading plugs about this thing and that isn't really that enjoyable. However, I actually like that this is happening since it makes me feel good. Everyone knows that getting involved in charity makes you feel good. Plus, of course, it does help educate folks and maybe save a life or two. If that isn't worth boring a few readers I don't know what is.

Anyway FSMA sent me their newsletter and it highlighted this website called 25Charities. 25Charities has just launched a book entitled "World Champions". Since I'm feeling a bit lazy and don't want to summarize what I read in the website here's what the book is all about.

"The Coffee Table Book
Published by Window View Publications, “World Champions: 25 Charities That Make Our Home a Better Place to Live” is a hard cover coffee table book which features the missions, pictures, and heartwarming stories of 25 charities, and the impact they have on society."

The cool thing about the site is that you can support the charity of your choice without even needing to buy the book, which is great for those who just don't have the budget but really want to feel like they did something to help. All you need to do is vote for the charity of your choice. The charity that wins will get...

1. 20% of the gross sales from all books sold during the promotion dates.
2. Residual Payments on Future Sales: 25% of gross sales from all future books sold (once the promotion ends) will be donated back to the charity with the most votes for as long as the book is published.

Quite obviously I am rooting for FSMA (Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy). For those who do not know why you can read the story on how Sam was first suspected and misdiagnosed as having SMA Type 1 by clicking on this link and how we found out a good (or actually really hellish) few months later that Sam actually has PWS (which is the best news ever...after SMA that is) by clicking here.

I do know though that all the charities listed there are really good causes so if your heart tells you to vote for something else what can i do (except stalk you on the net is I find out ;-> ) ? So please do spend a few minutes of your time for something worthwhile.

Here's what the book looks like BTW. Oh and in case you do have money to burn but isn't interested in the book you can gift it to many anytime! ^_^

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is every wasted." - Aesop

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