Friday, March 02, 2007

Reasons for Moving

We've got plenty of reasons for our move. All of them good.
  • Sam's Therapy - He needs to catch up. Now that we'll be living so near Little CAMP Clinic he'll be having therapy 4x a week in the beginning. When he's ready for Speech Therapy it'll increase by 2 more sessions a week. This means that we'll be going flat out broke with fees higher than private schools but we'll be a so much happier for it. At last Sam will be getting the care he deserves. Even with just the little guy below as our sole reason that would have been enough for us to move.
October 2006 - Picture courtesy of Kei
  • To be a family - Mark and I have been married for more than 2 years now but our whole set-up has been really dysfunctional almost from the beginning. We literally lived in a small room in our now gone little internet shop while i was pregnant, he lived there alone and I lived with my parents when Sam came, we lived together for 6 months in his aunt's apartment where he kept odd hours and I stayed inside the bedroom almost 24/7, then he house-hopped (and still does) while working in Makati while Sam and I live here in Laguna. It is about time we stayed together as a family and live our lives TOGETHER and INDEPENDENTLY. Thank God that we can finally do this. I have sooo been waiting for this time. I keep missing Mark.
  • So Mark will have a real place to rest - He needs a good place where he can rest and be fed well after work. He needs to go home somewhere and feel good whenever he sees his motivation for working so hard.
  • So I can be a real mom - Alright so I am a real mom but I really can't feel completely like I am when I'm with my mom. At home I'm a daughter and a mom. I'll always be a daughter but I need to have our own place and be a mom and wife more than I am a daughter. I am grateful for my mom's help but I need to learn the ropes by myself.
So there. Those are the reasons for our move.

Tentative Moving Day: March 17, 2006 (the day after Mark's birthday)