Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Root Canal?

My tooth hurts. I can't think too well and research much. Still waiting for mark to come home and bring me pain killers. I am allergic to Ibuprofen and Mefenamic Acid so I can't take those. The paracetamol isn't working too well. Just had this tooth temporarily filled to see if we can save it. Hopefully the pain subsides in a couple of days. It not this means that I will either need to have it pulled or ask the dentist to do a root canal.

Jam you had the procedure before right? Did it hurt too much and how much did it cost? I don't want to have my tooth pulled but I might have to if it exceeds our reimbursable dental budget too much.

BTW the dentist was really nice. In fact he was so nice that I decided that we could trust Sam with him. He had his baby girl in the clinic so I know he can handle a child. Will bring Sam over on Thursday for his first dental check up (which he badly needs). The dentist said he'll just check Sam's teeth first and allow Sam to know him and see the tools before going back to have his teeth cleaned. He says it's important for Sam to get familiarized so he won't get scared of dentists. Even if we move to another insurance I think I'll keep this dentist for Sam. He also doesn't know about PWS but he told me he'd do research first to make sure he gives Sam the best care. Now that kind of attitude is something that puts me at ease.


JAm said...

ei han. i had a couple of sessions of fillings, root canals and extractions. as far as i can remember the cost per session was around 4K to 5K. expensive! but it was all good since it was all covered by my previous company. :P

nice find on the dentist. :)

Hannah Grace said...

Good news. The pain is gone after a whole day and night of groaning. I finally drank Bio-flu around midnight and it worked. Or maybe the nerves just settled down.

Anyway ok din yan Jam kasi in case it hurts again within reimbursable range pa yan. Mga 5k or 6K ata pwede i-reimburse. Hay buti...