Thursday, May 12, 2005

Worrying is Worthless

I have a scheduled ultrasound with a specialist tomorrow morning. I know I shouldn't worry but I can't help it. I just had an ultrasound yesterday and it turned out that my big baby wasn't so big at all, rather I just have this thing called Polyhydramnios. Its not so bad because 60% of the time the cause is unknown and the resulting complication is increased risk during delivery which does not scare me too much. 20% of the time its because of maternal diabetes or an incompatibility with the mother and child's blood which apparently is not the case. And the last 20% is due problems with the baby like congenital diseases. The last one is the thing I can't help worrying about, its also the thing that the sonologist will try to rule out tomorrow. I can't wait for today to be over.

Please pray for our baby that everythings ok with him.


Its actually weird that I am starting to get my mom. Although her nagging really gets on my nerves I try to shut up because I now feel what its like to worry about your child and not be able to do anything about it.


I'm a little sad that my baby isn't so big. I felt secretly proud everytime somebody noticed how big my belly has grown. I felt like the baby got Mark's appetite. How could I have known that it was mostly fluids? Maybe my baby just loves to swim....


Trying to fight the worry through intensive research. Thank God for the internet. The statistics help but my maternal instincts just wont quit harrassing me.


Anonymous said...

okey lang yan, han. everything will turn out just fine. we'll be praying for you and the baby:)

belated congratulations na rin nga pala kay mark last april for his graduation. hope you guys are doing fine out there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Han!

I can only say I'll pray for the baby and for you to quit worrying and hope for the best.


ian-lans said...

i'm sure everything will be just fine. don't worry too much about it. i'll be praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Worrying is Worthless

tseri said...

you've been very good people and the Lord is always with you. Everything will be fine honey. basta, ingat na rin lang. love you three! :)

JAm said...

sending the man an express prayer now...Ü

hope the test went well.Ü

mark said...

ey guys, thanks for the prayers. Baby is fine