Monday, July 30, 2007

Changing Names and Hearbreaking News for Geeks

I found out from Twitter that Sara Morishige just got married to Twitter's c0-founder and chairman, Evan "evhead" Williams. Poor hubby. I don't think he'll be that blue about the whole thing though because he's been into Niniane lately.

What I'm wondering about though is if Sara will find it easy to transition to Sara Williams or if she'll do the hyphen thing like I sometimes do. I do the hyphen thing not because I don't want to use my hubby's name but I feel a little disloyal to my clan whenever I drop the Tasarra from my name. It's bad enough that the Balagtas, my mom's maiden name, has to be dropped. On a more practical note, I also use the hyphen because it makes it easier for past acquaintances to recognize my name on emails. If I use my new name some might go...Hannah who?...and then mark me as spam. If I were Sara I'd use the hyphen (Sara Morishige-Williams) just because it looks and sounds a lot cooler than plain Williams, which makes her sound like a tennis player (which isn't really bad either if you think about it). Anyway though they'll never read this. Congrats to Ev and Sara.
Sara Morishige in Vegas last year. Photo from Sara's Flickr.

Sara and Evhead in St Peter's Square. Photo from Evhead's Flickr.

Posting entries like this makes me realize how much I have turned into Mark's wife! How in the world would I know about these people otherwise?
Update: Here's the link to Mark's short post on Sara and Evhead. I couldn't believe that was about 3 years ago!

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