Friday, November 09, 2012

Path to Happiness

I'm so tired of the countless things that make me feel resentful, especially since I can't do a thing about most of them.

Thinking about it though, I realize that I am even more tired of being resentful; and that is something I have control over.

So tonight I'll try to let it go.

Tomorrow I hope I'll be able to try again, and also the day after that.

My hope is that as I keep on letting go little by little I'll find myself not even having to try all that much someday.

Maybe someday I can be happy not because things are better, but because I chose to be.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

When My Dreams Stare Me Right to My Face

And when I feel the world crumbling around me again, I only have to think about this moment and be able to believe that my prayers can truly be answered, and that though the answers may not come in the form we imagined them, it doesn't make it any less perfect or sweet.

Here's to the words my love uttered. The words that I may never remember exactly as they were said, but that my heart will always cherish. May it nourish my soul during times of doubt.

Yeah, I think I can be patient now, I can fight the pain and the fear, because I do believe that someday things will work out fine...