Sunday, July 29, 2007

Early Birthday

Got my first birthday card a few days early. I know it's from Samsung and I got it because of our aircon's warranty but it still cheers me up. It cheers me up enough to link to their website! I guess this means that their oh so obvious marketing technique works. Though some people might not like getting emails like these I actually love getting cards from brands I really do patronize. Last year my birthday card was from my bank (it wasn't an e-card but a real one) and I kept it like it was from a friend. LOL. I think I've lost it though sometime during our multiple moves. I wonder if they'll be sending me one this year. So silly but I think I'll start collecting commercial cards or whatever you call them. I'm serious about this. Hmmm. I wish though that they sent me that phone instead of the e-card. ^_^ Oh well. Happy advance birthday to me!

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