Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sam Update

Sam has been showing some progress lately. It's really a blessing since I've secretly been worrying and feeling a little down because of all the medical complications and his way too slow progress. Since Friday though he's been amazing us with some significant (at least for him it is) improvements. Latest developments include:

1. Ability to tilt forward while sitting until his head reaches his feet and then stretch out a bit so he can lie face flat on the bed. He still gets all muddled up with this one though and ends up with a leg or an arm stuck underneath so I need to push him a bit to help him get going.

2. Ability to hit his telephone toy with the receiver to get it to make sounds. This is a really big deal because it means that he's learning to use tools. The funny thing though is that sometimes he hits the back of the phone but since it's face down the buttons underneath get pushed and it still makes sounds.

3. Even better than number two was when Sam put his tiny fingers together, pointed it towards the phone toy and then tried to push the buttons with his fingers! He finally understands that you are supposed to hit the buttons for the phone to beep and say "Hello!" and "Goodbye"! Woohoo! I've been showing Sam how to play with it since he was 4 months so it really is rewarding to see him playing with it on his own. It's really a good sign too that he is finally developing problem solving skills.

4. And last is his overall behavior. He now knows how to complain by making cute shouting sounds when he's uncomfortable or needs attention. This is really good since he never used to complain even if his nappies are really soaked or full of poop. But though he knows how to complain more he's been very good during the last two therapy sessions and cried very very little and almost never complained. It's really surprising since we've been absent for more than a month due to his bouts of pneumonia. He is so much more alert and active now. I'm so proud of my boy.

And now... pictures! The pictures were taken this morning before Mark left for work. Notice that on the third one Sam is sitting very straight and is slightly leaning forward. His balance is getting really good! ^_^

Still asleep. Look at those arms! I'm glad he's getting thin.

Great wake up call from Mommy and Papa.

See me sit. Hindi pa ako nasusuklayan!


dreamwalker said...

Miss you Sam!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, SAM! =)

Hannah, just so you know, I think you're such a great mom (I remember my own mother in you). You are an inspiration. Sam is blessed to have you and Mark.

Keep it up. God bless! =)


Nikki! said...

Congrats, inaanak! =D

Ang saya naman nyan! Whenever I see Sam smile, I can't help but smile, too! =)