Monday, December 22, 2008


Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 15, 2008

First Phone Ever

Was about to log off but I remembered that I need to blog about my first phone ever. No, I've had a phone since 2nd year high school (Phillips Fizz pa nun!) but that was really a family phone that they let me take to school since they wanted to make sure I was safe each time I had to take the bus alone all the wya home to Laguna. I've also had a few phones since then but they were all hand-me-downs from my sister who happens to like changing phones and getting a newer model every few years. It's not that I've been completely broke for more than a decade to buy a new phone but I've always taken pride in being practical. This time though Silas' phone (3310 pa po), which I've been borrowing for a month now just won''t cooperate with my cheapness anymore "forcing" me to allow Mark to buy me my first ever truly new phone.

I absolutely love my new phone (Nokia 7310). It's pink, has a mirror surface, and has all the basic stuff I need in my phone (text messaging, a calculator, calendar, alarm clock, and notes). It also has some extra stuff but though I like them I just need my basics. The plus factor is the cam since I can now take pics of Sam anytime anywhere. Its also really good for me that its a new model since it can last me another 5 years or maybe more unless Sam manages to learn to start dunking stuff in the toilet bowl (in which case I'd be glad to have a phone messed up just to see my son a big enough boy to get in silly troubles).

Thanks Mark. You do know when to push me to stop being too cheap. Hehe. I love your Crhistmas gift! Tons better than the electronic toothbrush (though I did like that too! Hehe.) ^_^

Thinking about it though I still haven't ever bought my own phone yet. Maybe before I turn 40 I would but myself a new one...or maybe I can just keep on waiting for Mark to get tired of my phones breaking down and letting him buy me one for a gift. That's what husbands are for afterall, right? :p

Quick Post

My poor negelected blog needs a little attention but I don't feel like writing a long post right now so here's a few things that I should (but am not sure I would) blog about in greater length.
  • Our short Bicol vacation - Mark missed the flight, Sam and I had loads of fun, our stay was extended to a week because we missed the flight home. I love Mark's nephews and nieces!
  • Bagwis reunion - Again it was fun. Glad Jas made it. Stayed up too late and missed the Divisoria shopping with my Uncle the next day.
  • Christmas shopping - Haven't done any of it yet. Started writing the list tonight. Decided I WON'T wrap gifts this Christmas or if I do will use olf magazines/newspapers and a pretty ribbon instead. I encourage everyone to do this. Not only will it help our environment (generate less waste - REUSE!) but it will also help cut your shopping cost.
  • Christmas dilemma - I like it that we have lots of options on what to do and with whom to celebrate this holiday season with but I also hate it because it is hard to decide! That's one of the main adjustments you need to make when you get married. ^_^
  • Self - Still struggling with lots of things but determined to beat it no matter how long it takes. If Britney Spears can make a comeback why can't I? Hehe.
  • Sam - Got spoilt with all the vacations to relatives. He's starting to spit his veggies out now and loves to make this cute crying face to get what he wants. Absolutely adorable but buckling down on discipline again.

Am sure I forgot so many other things. Hoepfully though it won't take me two months to come up with a post again.