Sunday, June 27, 2004

Books Read

Friday Night: Let's Travel to France

"...Two loves have I, my country and France..."

An old old book my sister won in a school lottery when she was in 6th grade. The book was published in 1969 (I wasn't even born yet!) so its rather outdated but I still love to read and look at it from time to time. The book gave me and my sister a "love" for France, a country we've never seen but hope to someday visit.

Saturday Night: Comanche Moon by Larry McMurtry

A prequel to Lonesome Dove. Wild wild west. Texas Rangers. Scalping. Tortures. Simple people driven by simple needs and wants. Lonesome Dove is still way better than Comanche Moon or Dead Man's Walk but they're must reads if your a fan of Woodrow Call and Gus McCrae for it gives more insight to their character.

Upcoming Book: Dracula by Bram Stoker

Can't believe that I've never read this classic! I'm pretty excited since I have a slight fixation with vampires. It's crazy coz I dont really believe that vampires exist but i still get scared silly thinking of them... Special thanks to Cel for lending me the book.

More books please I'm dying here from "new books starvation". One can only read and re-read books so many times before you suddenly roll over and die of boredom

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Toilet Reading

Wasn't able to read anything last night except Mark's text messages. So I guess I'll just write about toilet reading today.

Toilet reading - v. Reading while sitting on the toilet bowl usually while performing the daily ritual of body cleansing.

So what made me decide to write about toilet reading? Simple.... I am an avid toilet reader. Note, not habitual but avid. I cannot seem to go inside the comfort room without something to read (not including public CRs of course).

Top Five Toilet Reading Material:

1. Archie Comics - Archie is the ultimate toilet reading material because the stories are short enough so that when somebody (usually my Mom) shouts that they need to use the toilet, I can finish the story without having to hurry. Besides I don't have to use much brain power to read it, I just look at the pictures and laugh.

2. National Geographic - This comes close to Archie. The magazine is so full of pictures that I usually just look at the them and their captions. National Geographic is actually better in a way since it is a lot more educational than Archie Comics.

3. Edith Hamilton's Greek Mythology - This book is a compilation of short stories on (tada!) Greek Mythology. I especially love reading the stories on lovers, they're interesting and are just the right length for toilet reading. I love Cupid's love story!

4. Star Trek - Any Star Trek book will do. Of course I don't finish the entire book inside the comfort room or my mom will have a fit. Besides it gets pretty uncomfortable sitting there after a few minutes. But since you can the book in an hour or two you can continue your toilet reading to bedside reading...

5. AVON brochures - My mom is an AVON lady so we have a lot of brochures lying around. When I really really have to go to the bathroom and can't seem to find a suitable toilet reading material I just grab the latest brochure and thumb through it. The only problem with this one is that it makes me want to buy almost everything in the brochure! Hmmm... Maybe I should tell my mom to put brochures with her number in public toilets. I bet it will boost her sales. Ha!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A Year Delayed

One of my favorite writer's site (Pancit Canton) has been closed for over a year now and I just found out from him! Ha! So now I'm reading through his archives and it makes me smile....

This is how I found out that its been closed for 1 year:

Jae: last yr pa ung little prince layout na yan ah
htasarra: nya
htasarra: sori ha ngayon lng ulit na balik eh
htasarra: la na akong net presence except gaming for soooo long
Jae: eh 1 yr nang sarado ung pancit canton
htasarra: ganun ba?
htasarra: joke?
htasarra: bakala ka!
htasarra: bakla pala
Jae: >>
Jae: ??
htasarra: nya
htasarra: napaka observant ko
htasarra: 2003 not 2004
htasarra: sigh......
htasarra: sad....
Jae: hehe
htasarra: well meron pa rin naman ako puntahan pag nalulungkot ako...
htasarra: archives n nga lang

Oh well he's still my favorite mushy writer.

First Post: My excuse in life.

I have decided to start a blog about books I've read or am reading. And I guess this is it...

The other night I read an old copy of Sweet Dreams and it brought out the giggly bimbo in me. Oh how I miss those teenage years full of flirting... (wink wink)

Last night was I was feeling a tad more intellectual so I started reading an excerpt from Plato's The Republic. And it struck me (as it does about once a week) how pitiful a state our country is in. According to Mr. Plato the state must be wise, brave, temperate and just, with emphasis on justice. To him justice is minding one's own business and not meddling with other men's concerns . Its does not mean being uncaring and self-absorbed, rather it means fulfilling you proper function in society. To him artists should make art and legislators should make laws. Reversing roles or doing something against your nature is an injustice. Well then I say, the world is full of injustice today.

But hey, I'm a fine one to talk when I am still totally confused as to what nature has designed me to be. Maybe I was designed to be full of contradictions just so I can have an excuse to go flitting from one job to the next all my life. I was designed to explore and not just be one thing! Now nobody can dare make me stay put coz that will be an injustice. : )