Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hospital Pics

Ever since high school Jas has always been the one you can trust to have a camera with her. When she visited Sam in the hospital on the 27th of course she had one with her pero camera phone na nga lang. Really cool for us who still doesn't have any. So she and Rohel snapped some pictures of Sam. Here's the link to Jas' photo album at Flickr. Looking at her photos though you'd think it was my photo album. Hehe.

Sam playing with Tito Rohel's face.

Oh and today Sam turns two! No birthday parties though some ninangs and ninongs invited themselves over, which is great. Kwentuhan lang and some merienda. Sam just got out of the hospital last night and is still required to rest for one more week. I guess my baby is happy since he still won't be having physical therapy this week.


fayeatot said...

happy birthday sam! :)

Hannah Grace said...

Thanks Tita Faye. It was a happy one. ^_^