Friday, October 26, 2007

Walking in the Rain

I have always liked rainy days. It might simply be that in this country the rain provides respite from the heat but it might also be because the rain makes me feel a bit more at peace.

When we were kids my sister and I used to go out and play in the rain enjoying the moment despite the fact that we ended up shivering and almost unable to move much sometimes (at least I remember me shivering and feeling that way). Each time the sun started to peek out I felt both disappointment and relief since I knew I could go in and take a long hot shower...another thing I really loved.

The other day, when I wrote the post about being upset, I decided to take a long walk in the rain. I needed some exercise to get a healthy dose of endorphins and to get me started in my quest to get in shape. Donning on my new rubber shoes (which we got at half the price at Ali Mall ^_^...Don't you love introductory prices?) and this dry-fit shirt I bought a year ago (also on sale then...hehe) but was then too tight for me (yes I fit in it now! Yay!), I said bye to Sam and his yaya, who was scurrying to give me an umbrella. I pretended not to hear Gemalyn and went on my not-so-merry way.

Walking in the rain in this city proved to be a very interesting thing to do. Some of the reasons (I'm sure I'm bound to forget some of the interesting stuff I noticed then) why it was really interesting for me was....
  1. People kept looking at me strangely - This guy, who was selling old umbrellas that were obviously stolen or at least scavenged , approached me but suddenly veered away when he realized that I was enjoying the rain. It seemed that some people were scared. I loved it.
  2. People offered me an umbrella and jeepney drivers shouted at me to get off the rain and ride instead - This wouldn't have been so strange if they did this to everyone without umbrellas. The thing is, there were plenty of people with heads down scurrying to get out of the rain and nobody seemed to really notice them. I, on the other hand, who obviously was enjoying the rain, kept on being "helped" by people. It was nice but it would have been nicer if people noticed those who were actually in need and not just those who were doing something that was not the norm.
  3. I broke a sweat from walking but didn't feel sticky - Really stupid for this to be interesting because the rain obviously washed away the sweat. It is still interesting for me though because I now know of another way to exercise (aside from swimming) and not be bothered about the heat and the sweat. I do not really like exercising and the sticky feeling (especially on a humid day) is one of the many factors why I feel that way.
  4. I wasn't bothered by the air pollution - I started walking after it had already been raining for hours. It was great breathing in (though I still didn't take deep breaths) the air in EDSA and not feel all choked up with the smog.
  5. There were less vagrants in EDSA - The rain really does keep people indoors. Even the beggars didn't like to get wet much and no one bothered me while it was raining hard. On my way back from Quezon Ave (yes I walked all the way there from out house) the rain had abated and the little kids were already out pestering me for coins and the doughnuts I bought for Gemalyn.
If you've never walked in the rain, you really must try it. Make sure you take a hot shower after though or you're guaranteed to get the sniffles. If you want a relaxing walk where you can meditate a bit or simply daydream I suggest you take a walk in LB or in UP Diliman. If you do want to see people weirded out by you though, EDSA or any other main street in the city would be a great place to do it. Make sure to look up and close your eyes with arms a little outstretched for maximum effect. ^_^

Oh...and this brings me to my next topic...Who wants to join me do something ala Improv Everywhere here in the Philippines. It should be fun! Leave a comment if you don't know my email or phone number and I'll get back to you. ^_^


Nikki! said...


I also like walking in the rain when I get depressed (though I haven't been depressed for a long time.. =D). My problem with this is getting back indoors dripping wet! =p

Improv Everywhere? Cool! =D What do you have in mind? =p

Ariel D. Araza said...

Not many people whom I know enjoys the rain the way you do. But I'm one of your kind and so are my children. The funnest time they can recall is when there was a really heavy downpour, so heavy they remember that the raindrops hurt their skin. We skipped our tsinelas in the puddles and shivered even stronger at each thunderclap. That shivering sensation was a certain high; one could almost mistake it for the sensation of giggling that you feel in your tummy. It's almost impossible to replicate this moment apart from this magical phenomenon that is the rain! There has to be a "Rain Walkers' Day" :)

dreamwalker said...

I feel like walking in the rain right now except that it isn't raining and it's 20 minutes past midnight...

K.L.Y.N said...

Haha! I love the rain too! My sisters and I used to take a shower in the rain when we were younger. Last rainbath that I remember was about 3-4 years ago with my 2 sisters and my mother. Yeah, we were already grown-ups then, and that made it double the fun! ^_^

I can't do a rainbath in EDSA though. =P U so brave! =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah. :)

I have fond memories of rain. One of them is running, dancing, playing in Freedom Park with a special someone, in the pouring rain, under the light of the midnight moon. :)

Hey, Improv Everywhere! Love that site. Some of their missions even made me cry! Me and Ryan, we've actually talked about doing something like that here; I've forgotten all about it till now. You organizing? Doing Improv Everywhere's brand of positive, non-demeaning jokes would be a great idea, methinks--I would love to be part of it! I'll bring in my cam for pics and videos! I'll volunteer space on my host if you want to set up a site! I'll even design the site for free! (Sorry for the excessive use of exclamation points; it's just that I'm really excited to know you're a kindred spirit :). )

If you want to hook up, Mark has my email address and number. (I think I may have your home phone. Does it end in 078? Thea called me from your place one time.)

P.S. Now I feel a bit guilty 'cuz it took something like this to make me post a sensible comment here. I've been visiting your site every now and then and find your posts moving and true to the heart. You write beautifully. (I just had to say that.) :)

Hannah Grace said...

Hi all. Sorry ambagal ko mag reply.

Nik and Connet - Let's chat this week (kunin ko email mo Connet kay Mark...and yes tama yung number). I'll be starting a Googlegroup pero tomorrow and will invite you guys. Spread the word. We do need people with cams. Am taking it slow this week though...De-stressing.

Boss A/Sir A/Ariel/Tito Ariel (how in the world do I address you po? LOL) - Thanks for the book. Will be sending it back this week and am getting my own copy. Nakaktawa kasi I end up rereading the parts you hgihlighted so biased na ako and gaya gaya na ako sa favorite lines nyo. You can join us sa Improv Everywhere! ^_^

Ate - You really should take my advice. Hehe. Sama ka sakin Nov 10 next appointment ko. Or I can ask him for referrals malapit jan sa inyo...para PGH -trained din.

Hannah Grace said...

Kei - Sorry napindot ko agad publish. Sama ka syempre kay Nikki pag nag start na kmi dun sa group. Tapos just finished downloading "Facing the Giants" pala. Kaya lng kakapakabit lng namin ng cable kaya lagi ko nalilimutan panoorin! Loved the song though.

Connet ulit - Thanks pla. Am glad you've been lurking dito pla. Hehe. Excited na rin ako!

Ariel D. Araza said...

Hannah, haha! I'm a freak of nature: a specimen that defies classification. Kuya Ariel would suit me best though. And please drop the "po" and "nyo" para di nakakailang mag-comment dito sa blog mo :) Yeah, i'm also a lurker in these parts, but there, I come out!

jem said...

hannah, as a fan of improveverywhere, and having done my own share of activities, i would be honored to participate.

you can contact me via mail, or ym, or sms, and let's put that idea to work hehe.