Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Movie Time

I've been watching and watching and watching movies lately. Most of the movies are pretty good with the exception of Ghost Rider. I was really disappointed with it since I'm a Nick Cage fan.

Anyway here's a quick rundown of the more noteworthy ones (listed in no particular order).

Knocked Up: Finding out she was pregnantKnocked Up - I really really enjoyed this movie. The funny thing is that I enjoyed it not for the comedy (although it was really funny too) but for the truths behind the comedy. Coincidentally I've been reading "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus", which gave me a different perspective as to how I saw the men on the movie. If I hadn't read parts of the book before seeing the movie I would have flat out decided that the guys were jerks, But now, I do understand their side a bit. Just a bit. I loved it so much I would even go as far as saying that's it's genius. It does bring up some "once-intense-but-now-funny" memories of when I first found out I was pregnant with Sam! Hilarious. A must-see for all couples...especially those who got wed out of wedlock (and have gotten over it).

Oh, and it also made me miss my thesis days with the guys. We didn't do any drugs but the mess and the "bumness" and the love. The eeky couch, the days spent talking about nothing, running around after the rats, staring at my monitor not knowing what to do and having Ed, Nik, and Mark do them for me, having Cel look over my shoulder to tell me I'm doing great (even when I feel like I'm getting knowing), playing NFS on Brian's PC, and watching Brian harass the guys! Just has to make you smile. I feel fortunate to have experienced that kind of camaraderie even if it did have to end.

Project Alice - Resident Evil ExtinctionResident Evil: Extinction - I just love Resident Evil. I used to shy away from thrillers/horror movies because I just got so scared and wasted my time since I almost always kept my eyes closed throughout the movie. But after seeing the first Resident Evil (and I've never played the game) I just got hooked. Must be the action side that got me. Of course it certainly helps that I totally love Mila Jovovich. Girly mode: My favourite outfit by far is the one on this movie. I couldn't find a photo of her on the motorbike with goggles on so this will have to do. So cool. Some people might not have watched it yet so I should move on before I write some spoilers here.

Babel - The awards it won speaks for the movie. I don't really know what to say about it but that you should just watch it. Oh, and the fact that the movie overshadowed Brad Pitt for me says a lot! It really is sad though. To those who don't know the real story behind the Tower of Babel (and believe me or not there are those who don't) please read your Bible first so that you can put the whole movie into context. It would be a shame to not be able to appreciate the story because you haven't read Genesis 11 yet.

Still got plenty of movies to go but I think 3 is enough for today. Will be posting more movies by next week!

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