Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just in Time for Blog Action Day: 11th Hour

Mistakes can lead to unexpected yet delightful results. The other night Mark and I decided to go on a date and watch a movie despite the already strained budget. We originally planned on seeing Stardust (the book was fun) but decided to go with The 11th Hour after seeing Leonardo di Caprio's name on the bond paper where the synopsis of the movie was written. After seeing Blood Diamond and knowing Leo's latest choice of roles we were prepared for a good movie. We never even realized that he was the producer nor did we realize that the film was a documentary (I was too busy thinking of putting on the new socks I bought since the socks I was wearing got wet right before we left home and I only had one pair!). Imagine our surprise and disappointment when we realized that we were in for a documentary. Definitely not date material! Turns out it was the most well spent P130 (each) of this year so far.
"The 11th Hour" is a feature length documentary concerning the environmental crises caused by human actions and their impact on the planet. "The 11th Hour" documents the cumulative impact of these actions upon the planet's life systems and calls for restorative action through a reshaping of human activity.
The film, though most apt for Americans, is just as relevant to us Filipinos and anyone else, anywhere else in the world. It starts out by making you realize how deep in shit the world is and then proceeds to explain why this happened. The great thing about the film though is that it gives VIABLE solutions to the problems. It makes you see hope. It makes you (or at least me) feel idealistic again.

I remember as a little girl how we were taught to value the environment. Apparently I really did take those lessons to heart because as I was growing up my family used to tease me a bit about being an environmentalist. Far from it offending me I wore that tag like a badge and though mostly quiet about it, I still proudly think of myself as one. Lately though I've been more quiet about it not insisting that other people "see the light". I still take care not to use too much tissue paper (I used to take pains to use as little as possible but lately I haven't been so obsessive about it). I still sometimes ask those in sari sari stores and the market to just put everything in one plastic bag or to just hand whatever it was I purchased over without putting them into plastic bags to reduce wastage. I still insist on turning off appliances and the faucet to save electricity and water (and money of course!). And I still feel guilty about all those trees being cut off when I waste paper. That being said, I still act like the frugal weird girl my kin sometimes saw me as, except that it isn't that noticeable anymore and I refrain from telling people to help save the environment unless I am with a little child (I love educating kids...they listen.).

Anyway my "non-activism" does shame me now. I see my mistake. I see how all this is but one of the symptoms of an inner ailment of my soul, of how I have slowly been losing the things I believed in as a child. I am glad that I saw 11th Hour because it was an affirmation of all things that are good that I believed in. The film might be seen by most as an environmental film (which in itself is more than noble enough) but to me it is a reminder to go back to the simple truths in life. The simple truths which include all those corny things like cleanliness, discipline, fairness, justice, faith, hope, love and...world peace.

It is true that each one of us is but a pixel in this impossibly huge picture. Nevertheless I am proud to say that I am determined to make sure that I wouldn't be a dead pixel. I will contribute. It alone will not be enough to save our planet but it might be enough to help make sure that there would be other pixels out there who will decide to not die or even better, come to life again. Hey this is one of the monsters I was talking about. Hollering out to everybody to come join the fight to save our planet and save ourselves in the process!!!

Useful stuff:
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11th Hour Action - Take action. This isn't just a USA thing. This is an US thing. We all need to take action.

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