Monday, October 08, 2007

Blogging to Do Something

Not that I lack stuff to do. In fact I have LOTS of stuff to write and blogs to spruce up (not mine but for my job). I could also do some cleaning in the house. Or playing with Sam (he's asleep though) or doing a hundred different things...even just take a shower. I haven't even had a shower! So what? I'm having a bad day and at least I'm blogging to get out of bed. Since I'm in a lazy blog mode I thought I'd just respond to Kris' tag, which is actually something I have done before (read my post on Weird Things About Me). I do know there might be a few more weird things about me though so I might as well add them on the list.

Note feeling so much better...Sam woke up and is laughing for no reason. Got to hug him and rough him up.

SO here's my new list. BTW to make things easier for me I'm copying some items from Kris' weird list. It's all pretty funny but if I were his wife his 9 lives wouldn't do him any good. She must be an angel or just has a really high tolerance for pain.

1. "Sometime I randomly get scenes flash in my head about harming people out of the blue." Don't feel like going into details but my violent visions sometimes disturbs me.

2. "When seated at a restaurant, I need to sit in the seat where the least amount of people could sit behind me, and I prefer to face the door too." This is no longer true for me but it was from grade school up until college (?). I blame Robert Ludlum for this one.

3. "I want to be rich then give all my money away to poor people, save for enough to leave my family well off." I think everyone is this way though except for the real scrooges. But I'm adding this anyone to get one more item on my list.

4. I have girl crushes. Remembered to put this one because of Jam's post on man crush. Currently my girl crush is Mila Jovovich. She's pregnant, fat, and still sexy. Huh? True! Look at her pic here. I loooove Resident Evil.

5. I can live without meat but not without veggies. Ok, so this isn't to weird considering all the vegetarians out there. I just found this blog (What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway) and I'm feeling inspired. Will try to add more variety to the veggie dishes I know. Hope the blogger doesn't mind that I hotlinked to the page and stole this pic. BTW it's a red pepper enchilada with tomatillo sauce. Whatever the heck that is.
Need to pause. Sam just fell off the mattress again. LOL. He is so funny.
6. I find it funny when my son falls off the mattress.

7. I hate waking up when I have an unresolved issue in my dream. If I do wake up I force myself to sleep again and resolve the issue - give it closure, before continuing with my day. This way I waste a lot of days. I am too attached to my dreams.

8. I tend to daydream about those i love - dying. It's been this way since I was a kid. I would daydream until I got so scared or sad that I cried. So if I think of you dead that means you must be on my "most loved list." I hate this fact nowadays because sometimes I feel guilty that maybe it is the reason why Sam got sick. Doesn't make sense huh?

I can't really think of anything more right now. Will just update this if I do to make it ten. Leaving 2 blanks. Tell me if you know of some weird thing about me I might have missed.



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dreamwalker said...

Haha - I blame Robert Ludlum for many weird habits, too. Poor guy!