Thursday, October 04, 2007

BookishBimbo Transformation

Woohoo! Finally got around to sprucing up my own blog! Just a little more tweaking and I'm set to write more regularly as well as really start on my pet project. I do feel good right now. What do you think of the new look?

Things left to be done:

1. Add blogroll - Need to learn how to put an expandable one.
2. Update my Google Reader so that the blog's worth sharing will have new stuff in it.
3. Figure out why Technorati's acting wonky and won't post correctly.
4. Change my subheading to a more positive one.
5. Fix labels - categorize and label ALL old posts (shudder!)


mark said...

request: a header image. ;)

I like the redesign. Congrats beh. :)

Nikki! said...

Wow.. Kelan kaya ako sisipagin na ayusin yung layout ko.. Hmmm..

Hannah Grace said...

Mark: Gawan mo ko ng image header? Something to do about books and Sam?

Nik: Wala ka ng work diba? Resign ka na db? May time ka na!