Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's a boy!

We are happy to announce the most recent addition to our family...Chub-Chub.

Chub-Chub is a dwarf hamster (Phodopus roborovskii). I have no cam (We really need one!!!) so i'm just going to post a pic of another roborovski that looks a lot like him.
Roborovski dwarf hamster
Mark and I bought him Tuesday night as a gift to Sam. We were prepared to for Sam to snub Chub-Chub but was pleasantly (understatement) surprised when Sam got really excited. Unfortunately we really can't leave Sam alone near the cage because he keeps on hitting the cage really hard, which scares Chub-Chub. We can't let Chub-Chub out either until I find a hamster ball somewhere because he runs soooo fast and is really hard to catch. I'll be giving Chub-Chub until tomorrow to adjust to his new cage and will start taming him the next day. I am so happy about this. It feels like Sam has a little wiggly brother. Chub-Chub seems sad though so I'm asking Mark to go back to the pet shop tomorrow to buy Chub-Chub's brother. Yay!

I'm so happy we found the perfect pet for our family. ^_^


Anonymous said...

Wow! so cute nmn nyan te hann! Ngaun ko lng nlman n may dwarf hamster pla..hehe..

I'm sure Chub-chub is very much happy to be a part of your family. And I know Sam would be a great kuya and playmate to him.

Naicp ko lng kung ibili ko rin kya cla LK(pusa) ng gnyan, mgustuhan din kya nila..hehe^_^

hugs and kisses for Sam.tsup.tsup. God bless!

Nikki! said...

Wow! =D Sakto para sa inyo! Dagdag na activity -- pati na rin sa yo! =p

Anonymous said...

awww! How cute! I used to have a rabbit, but when I moved out she became my parents' rabbit. That super cute photo of ChubChub just made me miss her, lol.

Celedor said...

Ang ganda ng pangalan!