Sunday, September 23, 2007

Silas Anecdote

After reading Kei's post on House Blues I plunged deeper in to depression. I just miss Silas so much. To help make me feel better I am blogging about this conversation with Silas back when he was still my little boy. He's still our boy but he's the Kuya now. I love that kid....

Me (showing off to the only person who would believe I can do magic): Kaya mo to?
(theatrically gagging while I "swallow" Silas' toy sword)
Silas (looking at me in awe...then concern): Ate Han, tama na.
Me (after removing the sword...touched by his concern): Bakit?
Silas: Eh kasi baka matusok si Jesus.

To those who didn't get it, in church we teach the kids that all you need to do to get to heaven is to be sorry for your sins, believe in Jesus, accept Him and He will live in your heart. The oversimplification of the matter has time and again mislead kids to believe that Jesus is physically staying in their hearts. Ayayay... It was a mistake to post this. I feel worse now.

I miss Silas.
I miss my God.
I miss me.
I wish Sam will learn to talk so he can start saying funny things...

Hay...time to drown my worries in Xenocide. Thanks Earl!


angel said...

I could actually picture you clowning in front of Sisi. I remember the time when he sat in one of our physics classes in college and everybody adored him. Hehe, who wouldn't? I suddenly miss Silas. Hope he's doing great. He's too cute to be camera-shy though. And how is Gio? Bet he's a big boy already. I miss Sam most of all. Thea tells me stories about him, that he lost weight? I wish things didn't have to be complicated.

dreamwalker said...

I miss Silas, too!