Saturday, May 26, 2007

There must be something wrong...

...with this world. There must be.

Why else would parents willingly go back to a place where they see their children crying and crying and crying. Sit down. Flip some magazines. Smile while their child screams. Smile even harder when the other child does too. Turn around to the other parent. Smile at each other. Laugh when the children do something funny. Yes. Funny. Funny like exhibiting some anti-social behavior, or get a bit pinned down by the other child as they sit back to back while they learn how to master the art of sitting, or while the two little tots sit and nod their heads wide-eyed at the bigger girl who's been put on restraints because she just wouldn't follow.

There must be something wrong with this world when parents, strangers just a few minutes ago, sit down beside each other and swap the names of the children's neurologists, geneticists, developmental pediatricians, ophthalmologists and all those other doctors as a way of getting acquainted.

There must be something wrong when a stranger asks you politely whether your son has seizures too and whether his medication causes him to get stoned as well. And when you politely say he might she just answers its alright you'll get used to it. There must be something wrong when you start getting used to all the deformities, abnormalities, disorders, sicknesses and ugliness you see around you. In the back of my head all I can think is that I'm tired of "getting used" to things...because some days it hits me and I realize you can never really get used to these things.

I couldn't believe that there is JUST something wrong with our children. There must be something wrong with this world. Tell me what's wrong with this world?


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah, post some pictures of your son's new hair cut, i would love to see them!

Also, I've added a link to your blog.


Jessica Gottlieb said...

Hannah, were on earth are you hanging out?

And come sit over here by me a while. I do enjoy your take on the world.

Hannah Grace said...

Hi POH. It sure is nice to see you around here specially since I keep on luriking around your blog. But I guess we actually do hang out the same place...on the internet! Geographically though we're halfway around the world from each other. I do enjoy your take on the world too and your really spunky attitude. ^_^