Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wrong Number

Tried to call Sam's geneticist to set up an appointment. I mistakenly included our country code along with the rest of the number and probably pressed a wrong key as well. Realizing my mistake, I immediately pressed the plunger only to hear someone answer, "Hello.", in a very cute voice as I released it. So I answered back although in a hesitant manner. This is how the phone conversation went...

Girl: Hello.
Me: Ahh. Hello. Eto po ba ang clinic ni Dr. de la Paz?
Girl: Oh. No. No. No. Wrong number. This is the WORLD BANK IN MALDIVES.

Stunned but pretending not to be I managed to mumble something I can't remember and probably said bye and thank you. Now what boggles me is that we don't have the IDD feature so how can I call overseas even if I dialed a wrong number. I would like to try dialing a valid number abroad but can't think of anyone to call and don't want to get billed just for being curious. Now the question is whether or not I will be billed for calling Maldives and will I lie about it if I do. After all we aren't supposed to be able to make the call at all and would probably be excused from paying. ^_^


Celedor said...

... Or, you managed to call some sort of mental asylum.

Gaebril said...

Huh, I should try that the next time I get a wrong number.

... which might be a while, since we don't feel the need for a landline.

Hannah Grace said...

cel- probably...LOL

chico - that's a good idea. we get a lot of wrong numbers here. should start practicing my accent now.

Nikki! said...

Haha! Naalala ko pa nung laging tumatawag sa amin dati para sa Jollibee! May nakunan na kami ng order! =p