Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sam in Hospital - It's OK

As I expected the doctor wanted to have Sam confined, which is why we didn't want him checked till we had the card with us. Nothing to worry about though. It's just pneumonia again, which is something we're pretty used to. Sam is a fighter anyway and is probably basking in all the attention the doctors are giving him. As always we get really good service and doctors pay real attention because they're pretty happy to be able to handle someone with Sam's condition (not pneumonia sillies but PWS). Anyway I am actually happy since we now have a pedia-pulmo for Sam and he's been endorsed for a sleep study. Hopefully Maxicare approves it. Now we only have to wait for the Maxicare doctors to request for an EEG, CT Scan and Reflux Studies. Hihi. The insurance company will end up hating us. I'm pretty sure though the doctors will be very accommodating again. Thank God for this provision.

Oh and BTW Sam is in Makati Med. Visitors are welcome as long as you bring ME some magazines or cold drinks. ^_^

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thea said...

sam seems to be enjoying the hospital. had a blast making him laugh kanina. BTW, while you were away the maxicare pips called. wanted to talk to the parents. teheehee... going ballistics about the bill.