Thursday, May 03, 2007

Old Friends

One of the things I really do love about growing older is that friendships grow older too. Like good wine friendships become more potent and a lot better as it grows old. You drink from it rarely but just a few drops is enough for you to gain a better appreciation of life.

Been meeting up with my old friends lately, namely Jae, Luz, Jas, and Thea. It was all so nice and all the visits perked me up so much. But I am most happy because of my chat with Thea a few minutes ago. it was very substantial and deep. This was how it ended:

Thea: I love you girl! [smile]
me: love u too [smile]
Thea: ngiti lang lagi. hehehehehe
me: byeee
ikaw din and wag ka na tlga mag aasawa ha... unless hunky Jew who loves you
Thea: hunky rich jew
me: yup
dont ever forget the rich part!

Where else will you find deeper conversation. BTW we have always been partial to the semitic race even way back in high school. They just so oohlalable...

1 comment:

thea said...

wahahahaha... kids, if you only knew what we were talking about before that. hehehehe...

ei han, just found out james franco's of partial jewish descent.