Thursday, May 17, 2007

Support My Career

Yes my dear friends I do have a career aside from being a wife and mom. I actually didn't think of it as a career but a job but it seems to be turning into one. You see i am a writer even if I'm not. I write web content and get paid for blogging. I don't consider myself to be a writer because writers are people who put magic into words. I on the other hand, simply profit from words. This is not to say that i don't enjoy writing because I do sometimes. I especially love writing in this blog because this isn't part of work.

Anyway for the first time I am blogging in a community blog under my own name. I am writing for Froodee and take care of the Family Life section. The blog is still being developed but do stop by to support moi. Leave comments and subscribe if you want to. Aside from Froodee I maintain several blogs but am not supposed to get the credit.

For those who haven't seen this April's issue of Working Mom, try to get a peek at page 76 to see a big picture of Sam. Will be posting the very same picture there when I get home. I'm at my uncle's wake right now. Scandalized? Don't be I only got the courage to use the PC that's beside my uncle's coffin after I saw the people here using it to surf and play games. Are we weird?

It's almost morning. I'm getting weird from lack of sleep. Better stop while I still make a bit of sense if not much. Night world.

We love you Tito Bing. You are still the corniest Tito I've ever had. We'll miss your tall tales.


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lateralus said...

*high fives a fellow froodeemate*

Froodee rules! Lol. Good luck to all of us.