Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Been meaning to blog about the following things:

1. Tweaking/Updating my blog - Add tags on ALL my previous posts. Add blogroll. Make the FSMA image clickable. Tag cloud.

2. A dream - I dreamed of Ian and Thea. ^_^

3. PWS Support Group - Sam's geneticist contacted me about it and we're going to have a preliminary meeting sometime this June.

4. Work - not'll just be a whiny scardey (how the hell do you spell this word?) cat post

5. Finding out how broccoli was spelled

6. Sam's new yaya - She spends more time cleaning the house and doing odd jobs, which is just the way I want it.

7. Sam's upcoming birthday - No definite plans yet.

8. Pissed Off Housewife and Kris - No they are not related but they're the only bloggers I read regularly outside our circle.

9. Investing.


Unknown said...

a dream, huh? ano kaya yun?

jem said...

ano nga kaya yun?

btw: it's spelled scaredy. or 'fraidy.

Hannah Grace said...

Ano nga kaya? Ay nakalimutan ko na...hehe. Sabi na nga ba lalabas ka sa lungga mo Ian pag post ako tungkol dun. :p

Jem - Thank you so much. (di sarcastic yun ha). it's been bugging me so much. Parang "twelve" hindi ko lang tlga maisip spelling ewan kung bakit. Whew.

Unknown said...

lalabas sa lungga. haha!

nakalimutan daw oh... email mo na lang. ;)