Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Waaa..Huli sa Balita!!!

Bakit ngayon lang ako bumisita sa blog nyo? Huhu... At least mukhang mas huli pa sakin si Mark. Hehe. I won't tell him. Congrats to both of you!! Welcome to the ever colorful, wonderful and stressful married life. ^_^


Celedor said...

Doesn't Mark use some sort of aggregator?

Hannah Grace said...

He does (bloglines ata) and he's been trying to make me use it too but i think he's given up. He's been so busy lately nga lang kaya it seems that he hasn't even managed open his bloglines.

mark said...

i do.

to-do list:
1. add everyone else's blog to bloglines.

Pat said...

What's bloglines?

Thanks Han! ^_^