Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Short article on SMA. The reality of it. So scary but we've got to face it or we can't fight it. I want to give Sam a happy life though short it might be.

CHILDREN BORN WITH SPINAL MUSCULAR ATROPHY FACE A SHORT AND DIFFICULT LIFE. HOW THAT LIFE IS SPENT IS THE PARENTS' DIFFICULT DECISION. It is among the deadliest genetic disorders to strike children younger than 2. Yet most parents have never heard of spinal muscular atrophy....

Sam - Mommy and Papa loves you.


armikatrina said...

you know i was wondering... how come little sam lifted his head so early? he has a strong kick too. maybe this little baby could still pull a big surprise for us.

whatever happens, life is still beautiful. that's the spirit, hannah. so many other people love sam as well, and we will be here to fight with you for this beautiful baby.

rico said...

story telling muna:

my brother was born with a horseshoe shaped kidney (instead of 2 separate they were joined together) doctors told my parents to expect the worst. But here he is beside me heckling like an idiot.

moral of the story is: have faith.

jas said...

my youngest aunt (11th of the siblings) is a blue baby, only 7 months old when she was born and she has an underdeveloped heart. the doctors said she only got a few years to live, nung nalampasan niya yung unang taning binigyan uli siya ng isa pa. for several years naka-dextrose lang siya, very weak and she couldn't even drink milk, 'am' lang ang kinakain dahil lactose intolerant pa siya. but with God's grace she's already 33 yrs old now. she's one of the living proof of God's miracles. have faith. =)

mark said...
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Anonymous said...

my prayers are with you, and this is coming from a guy who doesn't pray that often:)
at this point, you have to be strong for little sam, an your friends are right behind you:)