Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Barack Obama Social Media Round-Up by Dan

Great read on the Obama win and the social media connection. Do read the original and complete post by Dan O' Connor.
Now that Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee, a new convential wisdom has taken hold in the American political commentariat: it was social media wot won it for Barack. To wit, it was the Obama campaign’s superior leveraging of the tools and processes of social media communications which allowed him to overcome the original convential wisdom of the primary season, namely that Hillary Rodham Clinton was the inevitable victor

But a little caution might become us in the Social Media industry here....for all the clamor over Obama’s social media advantage, people still had to want to get on his bandwagon, and that desire was inspired by his message, his old-school political message of change.

People voted for Obama not because he had a better Facebook page, or because his staffers twittered more sweetly, but because the Knowledge (the message of change) he was offering voters was more Useful, Desirable, Open and Shareable than Clinton’s. But only just - KUDOS to the both of them.


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