Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Post-argument blog post: Chopped up thoughts on marriage

Mark and I got into a heated discussion tonight about corruption, change of heart, and actions. It is an important issue but one that I think shouldn't be important enough in one's life to end up unintentionally hurting your partner's feelings. As a matter of fact I don't think there's anything important enough in this life that should make you raise your voice at someone you love. Not that I'm saying that there are things that are not important enough to be angry over but that even in anger we should learn not to hurt each other.

My problem with becoming upset is that after a few days I almost always can't even remember what I was upset about but I sure remember the feeling. I need to learn to flush out the negativity in me quick....I should learn to remember the facts better and forget the feelings a bit. Someone needs to understand that I don't remember facts that much but that the way I feel/felt is a fact.

Nobody's perfect. We each have room for improvement. Nobody's too imperfect that they can not find it in themselves to change.

Marriage is a big part of this dance of life and even with two left feet I'm resolved to learn the moves and someday be able to dance without stepping on my husband's toes or having him step on mine (super bigat pa naman...ang sakit!).

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