Sunday, June 01, 2008

Oma Marina’s Haven of Rest

That is what my mom decided to name her new blog. After months of planning to get a new blog I was finally able to convince my mom and find the time as well to set up a new blog for her. Since she knows zilch about blogging I guess I'll end up typing stuff for her. It'll be quite a problem logistically speaking since she's in LB and I'm in QC. She's pretty excited about it though so I'm excited for her too. She's really makulit and OC about what should be posted though so we'll see what happens.

I'm pretty proud of mommy because she's willing to try to learn something new. She's already planning to do a post on my grandma, Jerry, lots of post about God, her blind right eye, her newly diagnosed sickness (spondylitis something...yes it's related to Nikki's ankylosing spondylitis), and lots of other stuff. I think blogging will be good for her. She just needs to get an internet connection and for me to set the screen resolution on the PC at home really low so she'll be able to type and read.

Friendships drop by her blog and leave a comment ha para ma-encourage naman cya.... My dad keeps on teasing her and smirking but I think he's just envious yet still a little scared to try it out. Next time they come to visit I'll have a pig or motorcycle template ready for my dad to encourage him to try it out.

Here's to grown ups daring to dive into the "scary" world of the internet...

And here's to me learning how to deal with and appreciate my parents better. Hay...someday I hope to be a good daughter :p

Oh btw don't expect to find any deep dark secrets of mine there because I get to moderate EVERYTHING my mom posts!!! Hehe. I told her she can post anything about my sis but can only post nice things about me... Unfair!


Nikki! said...

Good luck, good luck! :D

dreamwalker said...

Woohoo - can't wait to read posts on me...GREAT!!! He he, I am sure this will be good for mommy. Maybe I'll have my SmartBro account transferred to her since I am planning on getting PLDT? What do you think?

angel said...

That's nice. Wow, now you're a family of bloggers. I think a motorcycle template for your dad (if you convince him) is appropriate.

On grownups daring to dive into the scary world of internet: One time, I convinced my aunt to try out blogging. She likes to write long emails about her travels, books she read, etc. so I told her why not put it out on a blog for everyone to read.

Anyway, yup I dropped by her blog and read her very first post.