Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Told You So

Here's how my day went

6:00 am - Woke up, gave sam his milk, changed Sam's diapers, back to sleep
6:30 am - Tried to wake Mark up, failed to do so
7:30 am - Tried to wake Mark up, failed to do so but apparently he woke up on his own after I fell asleep
8:00 am - Woke up, Mark telling me something, tried to shut out the noise
8:30 am - Got up, turned on the PC, discovered there was no internet connection, tidied up the bed a bit
8:45 am - loaded the washing machine, swept the floor, tidied up the messy sala/dining room a bit
9:00 am - fed Sam cereal
9:30 am - house got flooded, had to clean up the floor and dry everything that got wet, thankfully Mark's Papa was there to help me
10:00 am - bathed Sam
10:30 am - took a shower
10:45 am - hung up the clean clothes to dry
11:00 am - left for Sam's team therapy
11:15 am - walked to SM to meet Kuya Dowy, realised that the number we had in Nokia meant a looong waiting time; withdrew money
11:45 am - ate some fries at Wendy's
12:00 nn - waitedgot the missing pieces from the clothes rack we bought at SM; checked the queue...still too long
12:30 pm - picked up Sam at Little Camp; Teacher Con was late as usual..still not done
1:00 pm - got home from little Camp; scurried to get the dry clothes and hang up new ones, gave Sam his lunch (left the feeding to Kuya Dowy after initiating it), hurriedly ate my lunch
1:30 pm - left again to go back to Nokia
2:00 pm - got the phone
2:15 pm - got my residence certificate (sedula);
2:30 pm - called BIR to confirm I have no record; gave Kuya Dowy his phone; grabbed my papers
3:00 pm - arrived at BIR main office; explained I needed a TIN number and for what reason and was told I couldn't get one until I got a certificate of employment (strange since I am not employed and needed it to take the insurance licensure exam on Saturday)
3:20 pm - went to BIR verifications office; still no record
4:15 pm - arrived at Lepanto Building; was directed to the insurance main office
4:30 pm - arrived at Enterprise Building; was told that BIR had it all wrong and all I needed to do was explain that I was applying as an agent and not an employee and that I just needed it to take the exam; waits for exam permit form to show to BIR
5:00 pm - arrived at BIR in the Atrium; will not be accommodated because it was already 5pm; was told I was given the wrong form but still needed certification from the employer; getting really frustrated because the people there couldn't understand simple logic...I HAD NO EMPLOYER! I just needed it for an exam so I can be hired as an agent! The BIR person finally understood and told me I actually need to go to go BACK to Quezon City but a different office this time to ask for another (3rd form). Not sure if he's right this time. Left really frustrated and hyperventillating.
5:30 pm - arrived at Greenbelt; told myself not to call a certain person to vent; I did and what I get is an I understand but I told you so...
5:45 pm - walking to MRT fighting the tears; I couldn't breathe; I end up crying as I walk but it's ok nobody noticed everyone was in too much of a hurry
6:00 pm - had to get it off my chest
6:17 pm - finished this blog post; going home to Sam


angel said...

Wow that was really frustrating! I also don't like all the bureaucracy that goes with processing papers like this. I wonder if you can call up BIR or the insurance to clarify these things so you won't have to go back and forth (sayang pamasahe and effort, hehe). Anyway I would think that when you arrived home, Sam was being his normal cute self so effortlessly and everything felt allright again :)

Anonymous said...

I know it wouldn't cut it, but still, I'm sorry.

dreamwalker said...

Good luck with your test, Han. You can do it - we're all behind you on this!

Ariel D. Araza said...

Maybe, the reason behind the actions of Mr. Anonymous was that he had been experiencing a lot of pressure at work lately, and he was just doing what they call transference. Forgive me, but I really can't decide with whom to commiserate (not that I think it matters to you). In our, Mr. Voldemort's and mine, line of work you do lose a little sensitivity to people (read: spouse). But good luck with dealing with government agencies (and a certain someone)!