Friday, June 08, 2007


I need a short break. My mind's going mush from all the gadget posts I'm writing. gadgets ARE NOT my forte and it takes real effort for me to write about them. They're a whole lot better than deciphering patents though. I wish I could get some writing assignments on parrots or some diseases (seriously).

So as my break I decided to write. if I play Neopets God knows how long it will take me to finish that break. And if I take a nap I sure won't be waking up till tomorrow. So having taken a sneak peek at Andrea's blog I decided to tag myself too. Gaya gaya!

Yourself: Tired and stressed. Still struggling with discipline and with fighting depression. Doing A LOT better. Hair not falling in large clumps anymore (small clumps na lang...hehe).
Your partner: at work
Your hair: scheduled to be dyed next month (Yipee!)
Your mother: getting her eye operated on
Your father: excited about spending cash on Sam (he IS sooo funny)
Your favorite item: my new Clinique make up bag from Angel (this changes each time I get something new I like)
Your dream last night: nothing related to Ian and Thea
Your favorite drink: water
Your dream car: Prius ( so cliche but eto tlga eh)
Dream home: with a huge porch; beachfront location; with a garden and swing on the other side
The room you are in: bedroom
Your fear: chickens (live ones...birds in general ata I find feathers to be disgusting)
Where you want to be in ten years: a bigger place with another son and a daughter; having helped established an active support group for PWS here in the Philippines; hopelessly and wonderfully in love with Mark still
Who you hung out with last night: Sam and Gemalyn (our new helper)
You're not: where I want to be...yet./giving up on myself.
One of your wish list items: a new laptop or a good office chair. I might steal Thea's MacBook if she stops by here.
Last thing you did: ate a bowlful of cold banana slices swimming in condensed milk (Yum!)
You are wearing: blouse that I wore to Sam's therapy, shorts and underwear
Your favorite weather: rainy weather complete with thunderclaps but with the lightning far enough to not be scary
Your favorite book: I love books. I absolutely have no idea which one's my favorite.
Last thing you ate: look up.
Your life: stressful but meaningful and headed towards something great
Your mood: hopeful and determined (fluctuating actually)
Your best friend: my worst enemy
What are you thinking right now: finishing up at least 15 more articles
Your car: none yet...huhu
What are you doing at the moment: (aside from blogging) correcting my posture
Relationship status: married

Go tag yourself!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah! Would love to have you in Mateo's baptism ;) Let me have your email addy so I can send you an invite :) & check out my long reply to your comment in my blog

Hannah Grace said...

Yay. See you then!