Sunday, February 04, 2007

Recap of Last Year

All my posts this year have been pretty stupid so far. Anyway to get things going I decided to post a recap of last year's blog pretty much the same way a lot of us did back in January 2006. So here's the first few lines of each first post for each month last year.

BTW I should be writing a really special article right now but since I want it to be really perfect I'm all stuck so as usual I'm procrastinating. :p

So much and yet so little has been going on in my life that I've been all muddled up and couldn't post anything for some time now. I didn't feel like anything was worth posting. (This seems to happen every year but this time my reason is laziness and not the lack of stuff to post about)

Too little time to blog what I meant to... (so I posted an online quiz result)

Makikigaya na rin ako. Am interested in finding out how others perceive me. (on the Johari/Nohari Window)

We just found out that Sam was actually misdiagnosed. (Best news ever)

Bye Tube. Sam has been without a tube for almost 2 weeks now.

This is a me post because I am feeling happier each day.

Todays are ok, even great. Its the yesterdays that bog me down.

Happy me!

In Love. Most days you just plod through life going through the motions...Today is not like most days.

Life can be really tiring. I sometimes just get sick of going to Sam's doctors paying all those fees for a tiny ray of hope.

I saw Mark's Halloween post and nainggit ako. So I decided to post my fave Halloween pic of me and my baby plus other pics na rin.

I have a party dress. We've been planning on attending the OCS Christmas Party for weeks now.

Looking back, the tone of my 2006 posts were WAY better than that of 2005's. Just goes to show that things really did start looking up for us last year. I am so grateful for all the blessings the past year especially regarding Sam's health and our marriage/romantic life's great improvement. It seems that we saw bottom last 2005 and there's no way but up. I'm really excited about what this year has in store for our little family. At least now I know that we can survive extremely hard blows in life and come out the better for it. Hardships really do make you stronger. But not only that, they also leave you with greater faith and a better appreciation for life. Here's to an even better year for everybody!!!


thea said...

hi han! i miss the gamises. i miss cutie sam.

yep things are really looking up. all the best to you and your family in the years to come. :)

angel said...

I love this post. I just forgot to comment. Now I forget what I'm supposed to say.

You should've received my christmas card as of now. I guess everything I'm supposed to say should be there.

This shouldn't be a late new year greeting.

Kong hei fat choi!