Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Family News

Got lots of things going on in our little family once again. The big news is that WE"RE FINALLY MOVING! WE"RE GOING TO GET TO LIVE ON OUR OWN!!! I am obviously totally hyped up about it. We'll be moving to Quezon City just a little distance from SM North Edsa. Mark also want to post about it but he doesn't want to till he has some pics to show. We found the place last Saturday after we didn't find any of the places we found on the newspaper ads to be right for us. Our criteria for moving was:
  • It should be really near Sam's therapy center.
  • It should fit our very little budget.
  • It should have good airflow.
  • It should be as presentable as possible. In case we couldn't get a nice apartment we wanted one we could fix up.
Here's what we got:
  • A 5-10min walk from Sam's therapy center.
  • A small 2 bedroom condo for P6500 per month. P175/per person for water. No association dues.
  • Not hot at all. With good airflow since the corridors are open at both ends plus we're located on the third floor.
  • Spanking brand new place. The visitor's lounge at the ground floor isn't even finished yet. We even got a mini-porch.
All in all we got something that's so much better than we ever hoped for. And here I was determined to find something P6K and below that we can renovate. Oh me of little faith. We got a P6.5K deal, which doesn't need to be renovated at all. I loooove great deals.

What's even better is that Ate Neng, the manager, held the unit for us WITHOUT any downpayment since we didn't have any cash on hand. Mark's paying the required 2mos advance and deposit this Wednesday but the few days hold was really important since the place was selling like donuts. They had a policy that no reservations could be made without the down payment. Well of course we just had to mention our trump card, Sam, and we always get what we want.

More good news that excites me. Since we don't have any furniture or big appliances (except for the bed from Rico - thank ye Rico dear) we're having our table and book shelves and whatever else wood stuff we might need made out of the red lawan wood that washed up during the October storm. My dad had portions of the tree cut into planks and since it's really good wood we get to have quality furniture for a very very low price. I'd hate ...no I love to imagine how much it would have cost us ready made at SM.

And last. Mark has even cut a deal with his officemate (I love you Monics though you might not really know me) for her unused refrigerator. She bought it at 10k and we get it for half the price. She's selling it because her husband also bought a ref from the States and sent it to her just when she bought the one she's selling now . Thank God for other people's mistakes.

So many blessings. As I said this year is just going to get better.


Aissa said...

that's so cool Han... I'm sure you'll have the place cozy enough for a house warming party in no time! Hehe, for us our ref (which John won in their last xmas party raffle) still sits in a box waiting for our own place to be done.

jem said...

lapit samin ah.
where is that exactly?

thea said...

yey! another house where i can crash!

sooooo happy for you guys!

andrea said...

hi Hannah! uy, Ramil and I are looking for a place din. We might be moving back to QC kung matuloy plans namin.Where is this condo located? :)

JAm said...

waw! congrats han, mark and sam. :) sana tuloy-tuloy na ang dating ng magandang balita sa inyo. :)

Hannah Grace said...

ais - Don't you love getting free or cheap stuff? Yun nga lang di ako nananalo sa mga raffle. hehe. About the house warming I'm planning on inviting people batch by batch for dinner lang kasi ang liit ng place!

jem - Since malapit ka ikaw pwede mag stop by anytime for dinner. Just text me ahead of time. ^_^ Sa may Ilocos Norte pala kami.

Thea - Yup crash anytime you want para may mag alaga kay Sam so I can write or go on a date with Mark (sa SM City! hehe)

Andrea - Sent your number to Mark na so he can give you the details. Ok un kung makalipat kayo para magkabarkada si Sam at Mateo.

Jam - Yup there's more good new to come di ko pa lang mapagsama lahat sa isang post... ^_^

Gaebril said...

Wow, that's really great news! QC na din kayo! When are you moving in?

alekos said...

wow, cool! :) welcome to QC! mapapahiram ko na nga tlga games ko, hehe (i have to warn you though, bka maadik ka). daming nakakakuha ng good deals for their own places a :) g'luck sa new place nyo!

Pat said...