Monday, February 19, 2007

10 Things I Love That Starts with K

I visited this blog a few days back and liked the meme. Anyway though I didn't know the blogger I asked Evil Genius for a letter anyway. If you read this meme and want your own letter just tell me.

My only problem with this meme is that I can't think of much stuff that starts with the letter K. As I try to enumerate stuff I love I find myself of thinking about everything that starts with any letter except K. Oh well, after much thinking a few peeks at the dictionary here's what I ended up with.

1. Kisses/Kissing - I like kissing Mark be it a simple kiss on the cheek or the stuff my mom would hate to see. I like kissing Sam's cheeks, chin, nose, armpits, and butt. I like getting kisses from small kids as their parents force them to kiss me their ninang or tita. Kisses and hugs are the best. xoxoxo
2. Kisses - Hersheys Kisses are great. I like all kinds but the white ones and those with almonds inside are my favorite. I loooove chocolates!

3. Kites - I love it when I see a kite flying high. It brings back childhood memories. I can still remember trying to "help" my dad build this big kite for our neighborhood's kite flying contest. I don't even remember if it flew but I do remember thinking it was the best looking kite of all. It probably wasn't but it doesn't matter. I miss being a kid.

4. Kris Kingle - I used to not like Kris Kingles that much because I hated seeing people disappointed with the gifts they bring home. But lately my enthusiasm has come back thanks to the Christmas Party we attended at the Manasan's last year. I don't know if there's any formal name for the modified kris kingle where you get to swap gifts and strategize. I did sleep through the actual exchange of gifts but Mark told me all about it and we played it with my family during New Year celebration. It makes kris kingle so much fun. It's not just about the gifts anymore but the game too.

5. Kitchen - Mark and I ate here once for a spur of the moment date. The food is good. The ambience nice (it's not too stuffy and pretentious there) although you can't slouch much since the seat are benches with no backrests. They use recycled paper for their placemats and menu. The price is definitely more expensive than LB food but not outrageous. The plates are big. The serving not too big but very filling. I'd like to go back and sample more of their food. The Kitchen I'm talking about is located in Greenbelt (I have no idea which part of Greenbelt but it's near the garden) couldn't find their website so I can't point you guys to it. Sorry.

6. Klingons ... and Star Trek Books. Note I said books. I don't watch the series nor the movies but the books are great. I know they're based on the scripts and the show itself but I was exposed to the books first and I like imagining the stuff better than watching it. Truth be told I like Vulcans a lot better than Klingons too. I even really wanted to be Vulcan before or at least be as logical as they are.

7. Katherine Kurtz - She's not the best fantasy writer but her Deryni Chronicles first exposed me to the wonders of fantasy novels. We still haven't completed our collection since her books are hard to find. We just find them in old book shops and in book sales. Cool fact: A person's Deryni powers are actually not magical in nature but a result of genes.

8. Ketchup - Ketchup is good. Just make sure it's tomato ketchup and not banana. I hate sweet ketchup. Ketchup is supposed to be sour not sweet. Get sugar if you want something sweet.

9. Kids - I love well-mannered kids. I love witty kids. I love the way kids say the darnedest things. I love having kids around on social gatherings because I always have someone to talk to when I get left out or anxious. As for bratty kids or extremely hyper ones I don't love them but I still generally like them.

10. Kind people - Random acts of kindess whether from friends or strangers just amaze me. Without kind people I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten through a lot of difficult situations. Thank you to all the kind people who gave me their seat on the MRT, who carried my bags for me, who gave me change, who offered a ride, who uttered a prayer, and who smiled back when I smiled at them.

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Giggle Pixie said...

You did a fabulous job with this letter! And yes, by far I'd have to say that kisses (Herseys or "real" ones) are definitely "K" things I love!!!!

I'm hanging in there kiddo - thanks so much for thinking about me. It's a little rough right now but "this too shall pass."

I'm loving your blog!