Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pal and Ubuntu

Just went to visit the Ubuntu website and look who I found in the new cd cover!
The guy on the lower right looks sooo much like

For those who don't know about Ubuntu, it's a great Linux-based OS that I actually use sometimes (usually when Windows acts up and I have to reinstall and don't have time or an installer with me). Am thinking about going Ubuntu all the way though.

Ubuntu - an African word meaning "Humanity to others" or "I am what I am because of who we all are"

The software as the Ubuntu website says, "brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world." Uber cool.


Unknown said...

may similarities nga... the eyes, the nose, and the shape of the face... pinsan ko ata yan eh!!!

pero di ako yan...

Unknown said...

may napansin din ako... ganyan na ganyan yung jacket na binili ko kahapon sa market market! is this a big joke?

Hannah Grace said...

Hehe Pal baka kinuhanan ka nila habang natutulog ka ng mulat ang mata... ^_^