Saturday, February 17, 2007

Not so Quickie

Smart Bro Fiasco

I have internet again! Will need to test it though so I want to post before something goes wrong again. I should be posting something for work as a quickie but my blog's a bit more important right now. ;-)

Right after I posted my last entry I gave Sam his milk and when I returned after 30 mins no more internet. So I actually ended up working a bit on Feb 14 though I didn't work when Mark got home. Besides the internet has still been utterly horrible the entire week. Ugh!


Valentine's Night

On a lighter note Mark and I decided to spend the night at home watching a movie and eating pizza. Although I waited so long for the take-out pizza from Pizza Hut LB to arrive (there were just too many customers) it was worth it because they made a mistake with my free pizza (love my Palm Card). Instead of giving me a Veggie Lovers with cheesy volcano they gave me a Super Supreme with cheesy volcano for free instead. I also got to chat with this girl who as never ordered from Pizza Hut and she copied my order except that she threw in some pasta combo. I now remember how I love chatting up strangers and making acquaintance. It feels nice to be pleasant and human. Little town mentality can be fun.

Thanks to Cherry, I finally watched Memoirs of a Geisha from beginning to end. Mark fell asleep though, which he always does when we watch movies at night. Even if he did am pretty happy because he actually brought up the topic of semi-planning about the Valentine's Day before I did. He also left his office as early as he really could. Maybe by the time we're sixty Mark will learn to be the most romantic and thoughtful guy in the world. I can wait though...It should be fun seeing how much we've changed yet stayed the same by the time we're sixty years old. I still do shudder at the thought of growing old though...


Family Day Out

Our little family went out to LB today. Mark tutored a sister of his old friend because she isn't doing well in her Physics 3. Sam and I for the most part didn't do anything but wait outside St Therese dorm. I was so sleppy but Sam enjoyed being pushed around in his stroller since it was pretty breezy. After the tutorials we headed on to MetroHair where we met up with Nikki and Kei. Kei got her hair treated, Mark got his hair trimmed, and so did Sam. Kei took some pictures with her phone so I'll be posting some pics after I ask her for some copies. We ate at Bonito's and had a pretty good time eating and just chatting. There's nothing like a queit time with old friends to relax you. Anyway I looooved my spicy chicken wings. Next time you go to LB try the spicy chicken wings at Bonito's.

Today was a very tiring day for me (try lugging Sam around and you'll understand why) but it was a day well spent. I enjoyed going out and doing nothing much for a change. Sam seemed to have enjoyed the day too. Even on the way home at around 10pm he was still squirming in the tricycle very excited. We should go out on weekends more often.

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angel said...

I'll try lugging Sam around. Be happy to catch Sam when you're tired.

Where's Bonito's? :( If and when I visit LB, let's go there and eat spicy chicken wings. Yay!