Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bring back the books

I'm not they type of person who enjoys the internet as much as Mark does. Probably its becaue I still haven't really found my niche here. But finally I read something on the internet that's really really worth reading - The Book to Movie Rant by Robin Hobbs. Its sad but I'm one of those who doesn't really know the real Wizard of Oz. I know it from the old cute movie but I never new that the ruby slippers were actually supposed to be silver and that she never really said, "There's no place like home." I always tell Mark how movies just cannot capture the essence of books. While this is true I also think the thing I wish moviegoers (who aren't into books) to experience is how to make stories come to life with your own imagination aided only by the words before you. It might not seem appealing to many but there's nothing like seeing Ender fight the last battle or seeing the vast emptiness of Lonesome Dove in your mind's eye. I don't want to atempt to be deep or anything like that, cause I'm not, as my blog is called I'm more of a bimbo in love with books. I'd better get back to the habit of reading good books again to make sure I read them before they get made into movies that I'll watch and most probably love. I want to read the story and let the words wash over me and transport me to unknown places I so love to visit.

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