Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sam at the Beach

This post is a couple of weeks late but I still want to show some Sam pics. We stayed at Tamarraw Beach Resort, which is not the popular choice to stay in Galera, making it perfect for us. The beach was quiet, the resort staff discreet, the place clean, the rooms big, and facilities really good for the price. Am glad my Ate and Jerry found that place. Am sure Sam enjoyed it too.

Enjoying the rocking boat.

Playing in the sand with Kuya Silas and ate Myla.


Sun, sand and sam. What more do I need to make me happy?

Lifeguard tower. Too high and too far from the water to go and rescue anyone.

View from the lifeguard tower.


? said...

Very touching! Really interesting. I admire you for this and I also see you love reading but have you ever read or seen the master and margarita? I would like to return here?

btw: see you soon

Nikki! said...

Wow! Sounds like you enjoyed yourselves immensely! Yey for Sam! =D

dreamwalker said...

Miss the beach already!!!