Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Attention LB Peeps

Am blogging at 10493 (Connections) right now. Am feeling REALLY nostalgic and felt the urge to go online here (besides the fact that only very few of the net shops here in LB open this early. The last time I went online here was when I was a freshman or sophomore in college. That was looong ago. The connections much faster and their PCs are also faster but things are a bit eeky with everything discolored and a bit sticky. Nevertheless just being here makes me feel a bit weepy and happy and sad all at the same time. Much has changed and also remained the same. I miss being young and just a bit less complicated... But then again things aren't really that complicated now it's just a matter of how we take things. I miss the college LB days. I miss all of you that made LB even more special (or at least tolerable during the extended years...hehe) for me.



angel said...

Hay.. I miss LB too. I'm on sick leave today but not really sick. Just having a series of grownup obstacles thrown my way. Mostly bureaucracy issues involving school and work (read: DOST travel clearances and work-related paperwork - the 2 are not in anyway related).

It's true that things are more complicated now. I miss our old silly problems in college. Let me know when you plan to do an LB gimmick. Pero sana not between October 18 and November 10 because I'll be overseas by then.

Nikki! said...

Great idea!!! =D

(kaw magplano =p)

Anonymous said...

Homespun! Hehe. Nakisali naman ako.

Anonymous said...

miss uplb too..its been 10yrs since we had our classes in forestry..ano nga ba name ng place na un?:D miss you too, hannah, Godbless