Thursday, August 21, 2008

Offline and Happier

I rarely go online now and am really happy about it. I guess it is just right considering I was a technophobe way back in high school. It was only really because of my sister and Mark that I ended up liking computers. I still do enjoy the convenience the internet bring and still sometimes play silly games like DinerDash and Bookworm Adventure but now I spend more time doing things I originally liked and have found that I still really like a lot - snuggling with Sam, meeting friends, educating people about something I believe in, figuring out ways to give clients the best possible solution, listening to music, sleeping on the MRT, and eating out with Mark even if sa jollyjeep lang.

Sorry blog. I love you but I don't expect to be paying that much attention to you again in the near future. I am learning to explore life outside the net again and am finding that it is indeed more fulfilling.

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