Friday, July 09, 2004

On Daughter of Regals and Other Tales

Eight Tales -- three definitely worth reading, three OKs (or so-so) and one totally headed for trashdom. That makes seven... Duh?

Daughter of Regals
One of the best in the compilation. Takes place during the night of Chrysalis ascension to the throne. I loved Donaldson's concept of magic and reality and the way he sketched his characters. I guessed the ending though...

The story i didn't rate. It was good but since its an chapter that was removed from Donaldson's novel The IllEarth War I think I lack the background to appreciate it fully. I liked the way he wrote it but there are a lot of unanswered questions since the author assumed that the reader has read his fantasy series (which obviously, I have not).

Mythological Beast
'Twas ummm just ok. But I think he should just stick to fantasy and not try to dabble with sci-fi or at least try a little harder when he does...

The Lady in White
Oooh sexy lady! Another ok story. I dont know what the story lacked but although it started out pretty intriguing it somehow felt a little empty to me.

Animal Lover
Ok again. At least I did not really guess exactly what would happen. It was also pretty entertaining but again it lacked depth (whatever that is).

Unworthy of the Angel
I loved this story. To my angel...hope I would not be unworthy of you. And no, its not mushy, its not even a love story.

The Conqueror Worm
Sucked big time. Unless I somehow missed some subtle things the author was trying to express... To be fair to Donaldson there's not much you can do with a centipede. Whatever!

Ser Visal's Tale
Another really good story. I liked Ser Visal's piety/sarcasm. Donaldson can spin a good tale.

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