Sunday, July 25, 2004

And Now...Silence

As Mark said, "I'm officially on a blogging hiatus". Answered Cel and Hannah, "What's hiatus"?

Got a job.....that I actually like. No money, lots of grunt work. I cant believe how happy I am that I'm finally on the path to becoming a real teacher.

The catch: I need to study our own language.
The bonus: I'll learn more about our language.


tseri said...

congrats han! God bless on your career. I envy you, i've always wanted to teach but never had the guts to change my career. hehe! siguro saka na lang pag housewife na ako. :)

ives said...

Congrats. :) And by the way, advanced happy birthday. Baka kasi hindi na ako makabati at the right time dahil marami akong ginagawa.

jaemark said...

happy birthday hannah! sorry di kita nabati man lang kahapon, i was away for the weekend eh :)

angel said...

Hi hannah. Happy birthday! Congrats din sa teaching career. Enjoy.

angel said...

Hay I miss you. Update! Update!