Saturday, August 20, 2011

Turning Into Mark

My reading list is starting to look more and more like Mark's reading list, thanks to my current workload. A quick look at my Google Reader will show more subscriptions to SEO and Internet-related blogs than any other blog category. Gadget and tech blogs are also catching up, with almost daily visits to Techmeme, Techcrunch, Techradar, and now...Lifehacker. Its crazy because these are the very blogs I found so utterly boring even as Mark found them fascinating(?). I am pleased though with what's happening because there are lots of upsides to the forced evolution of my reading habits...

  1. I'm learning a lot of new things.
  2. I'm actually starting to gain interest in tech stuff!
  3. It will hopefully give me and Mark more common interests (or at least I'll understand what he's talking about more).
Who knows, I might end up being a techie yet? Not!

My SEO daily reads by the way are:

Google Webmaster Central Blog
SEO by the SEA
SEO Book
SEOmoz Blog - Don't bother much with YouMoz since the excellent posts there are upgraded to the SEOmoze blog anyway.
Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog

So many more blogs on my reading list, but these are the ones I find myself visiting most often. 

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dreamwalker said...

Yak! Haha.